Celebrating Creativity

This week, we said goodbye to the short month of February and said hello to March. Jumping into March is always a highlight amongst the SMUS community, as it inevitably means that spring break is just around the corner! Although this spring break will be quite different from previous years due to the travel restrictions, the Bolton boys have still managed to drum up ample anticipation for the break.

Around the school, our Bolton guys kept busy by getting involved in various events and activities, starting with the Senior Jazz Band concert that featured Eric X on the clarinet, Sahan on the trumpet, Josh M on the clarinet, and Louis on the clarinet. If you look closely, you might even catch a glimpse of Mr. Kim playing his trombone in the back row! The full stream is linked below for your viewing and listening pleasure.

In this next segment, you can find a link to the SMUSpaper article that highlights the work done by Cyrus and Darrell, along with their Digital Art 11 classmates, in creating historical art pieces for display at Fort Rodd Hill and on the windows of our own Snowden Library. Fort Rodd Hill is an official National Historic Site that served as a 19th-century artillery fort. It is located on the southernmost tip of the island, and is home to the very first lighthouse in Western Canada, the Fisgard Lighthouse.

What a blast from the past! This picture was taken three years ago at a downtown activity when our current Grade 11s were back in Grade 8. Can you find all of the Bolton boys? Hint: There are four of them in this picture.

Around the house, things continued on as per normal. We had plenty of laughter in each others’ rooms, lots of games and pool in the common room, and groups of us managed to get outside for some field sports when the weather was nice as well. Our resident film photographer, Ryan C, snapped these fancy black-and-white film photos throughout the week.

Richard, Eric X, Hanson and Ryan C strapped on their cleats and headed outside with a few Timmis girls to play a very intense soccer match!

Something that not many people may know is that the fridge/ freezer in the Bolton-Timmis common room has a tendency to become a bit… messy from time to time. Just the 2nd law of thermodynamics at play, which establishes entropy as a physical property of a system and predicts that things like fridges will naturally move away from a state of order towards a state of disorder. Hanson and Alana, who clearly understand their physics, decided to voluntarily take on the task of cleaning and organizing the fridge on Saturday morning! Huge props to them, as the picture below shows just how amazing it looked at the end of their makeover session.

It is hard to believe, but we are already entering spring here in Victoria. As you can see in the picture below, the cherry blossoms have started to appear on the trees that line our main driveway. Can you find the bird’s nest?

On Sunday morning, Kevin and Delaney decided to brush up on their US History trivia using Kahoot, a quiz program that everyone here at SMUS knows and loves. Kevin got off to a strong start in this particular match, but Delaney eventually fought her way back and completed the comeback victory.

And finally, Sunday night was our monthly chapel. We were treated to some beautiful music and a wonderful retelling by the Reverend of the Paper Bag Princess by Robert Munsch. With International Women’s Day being celebrated tomorrow there is an opportunity for our young men to enter into some meaningful conversations around sexism, masculinity and what they can do to support, prioritize and be allies to the women of their world.

Right after chapel we had our weekly house meeting where we had an opportunity to celebrate some of the good our boys have been doing around campus. We also took advantage of our gathering to wish a very happy birthday to Robert and Jonathan.

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