Sun, Sun, Sun!!! Fun, Fun, Fun!!!

The sun and heat have arrived in spectacular fashion this April and the contrast to just a few weeks ago is incredible. This Friday we had the third warmest April 16th on record since 1899! As a result, the fields were busy, ice cream was a must and spirits were extremely high! Below are a series of pictures and videos from the week: soccer, frisbee, volleyball, ice cream, and yes, even a bit of school work!

Happy Friday – Thanks Mr. Anderson for the ice cream treats!
We are looking forward to ultimate housegames!!
Simon, Frank, Jonathan and Adam enjoying some sunny volleyball on the hill.
A little tic-tac-toe….no goal! Look at all those Bolton Boys playing in the sun!
The boys have never been happier!
Not actually sure what is going on here, but it looks like fun in the sun!
A little innovation…
Proof that learning is still happening despite the weather. LeRoy and Darrell plugging away.
And Junya got his official license in the mail, congratulations!
A gluten for punishment, Diego used his one day off of rowing to go for a run!!
Team Grade 11 taking on the Grade 10’s in volleyball
Sun’s out guns out!!
Joshua and Frank enjoying the sun.
Returning from a successful slurpee run.

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