Allyship Week

This week we celebrated Allyship Week with a series of events organized by 3 former Timmis and Bolton students , Abieyuwa, Carmen and Efosa. All three were awarded their Boarding Colours for their dedicated service to our community and served as excellent role models for our current Grade 11’s looking ahead to their leadership roles next year.

The week was filled with activities around how to be a good ally and to bring an awareness about how we as a community can better support all students.

Some of the Bolton boys sharing their thoughts on what it means to be a good ally.
Will joins in
Some of the art work on display.
Senior School Director, Mr. Anderson adds his thoughts too.

This weekend also marks the final weekend in term 5 meaning that most students will officially be finished half of their course by this Thursday! There was a general sense of happiness and perhaps a bit of giddiness as those courses have final exams this coming week. Everyone was able to take some time to relax on Friday night with the movie Grease in full swing in the common room, card game sin the foyer and chats in the office.

Hanson, Joshua and Eric play cards.
Chris hanging out in the office

Mr. Daum’s Spanish classes were also wrapping up their work for the term and hosted a market in the quad where they were able to put their language skills to test.

The weather has been fantastic as we head into the weekend that should have been Alumni Weekend. While there were no bouncy castles or rugby games, the boys were still able to enjoy a lovely day on the field.

Adam L. working on his kicking with young Elliot
Louis picking the corner!!
Simon, trying to get his revenge! Oh so close!
Save of the day!!

One of the Grade 10 Entrepreneurship classes put on a musical concert in support of Syrian and Palestinian refugee families to get their Covid vaccines.

Enjoying the tunes and the sun!


Some evening colouring to help with relaxation

Grade 12 and former Bolton student, Efosa, receives his boarding pin at Sunday’s allyship chapel session for his work in co-establishing Allyship Week and antiracism seminars.

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