Final Term Begins

This week, Term 6 began at the SMUS Senior School, marking six weeks until the end of the school year!

To start the week, we had many of the Grade 11 students here in Bolton run for the position of Head Prefect, with some outstanding speeches. Jonathan received the honour of being chosen to represent the school, voted into the position by the whole school! Congratulations to Jonathan and everyone else who ran!

For an interview with Jonathan and Devon, check out the school website at the link below:

Before school, the rowing team hits the gym/water and after school, many other intramurals take place. However, SMUS is also committed to embedding physical activity into the school day. Here are some shots from a PE class this week!

Barnacle House hosted their leadership retreat this week, where they came together as the 2021-2022 Grade 12 leaders to think about their vision for the future.

Also, as always, many good conversations happen around the dinner table!

This week marked Wellness week, where students engaged in various activities around campus. There were homeroom discussions, seminars about mental health and the wonderful supports there are for every student and staff, and there was even a plant sale at the end of the week!

There was also an opportunity to write mother’s day cards, which some Bolton boys took part in.

During some evenings this week, the campus was very quiet as the students are in their rooms studying for their end of term projects, and AP Exams. There is still another week left of AP Exams at SMUS, and so I am sure there will be a collective sigh of relief (and a few pats on the back) once the exam session is over!

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