Keeping Fit and Having Fun

The SMUS Headmaster, Mr. Turner, took a small crew of Bolton and Timmis students fishing last Sunday morning. The sea was calm, the weather held and a fish and some crab even agreed to join our hearty crew on board! It was a unique opportunity for Kevin and Joshua who were thrilled to spend some quality time with Mr. Turner and experience our beautiful ocean up close.

Kevin with his catch!
Here crabbies, crabbies, crabbies!
Dinner for the whole house!!

Last Sunday night was also a very important night as many of our boys were giving speeches to their respective boarding houses to become Head of House for next year. In Barnacle, Ryan C. and Eric X. went head to head, Harvey had an impressive ticket to chose from with Roberto, Richard, Diego and Kevin putting themselves out there. And of course, Bolton also had a great crew to choose from with Adam L, Leo, Subaig and Louis putting their names forward. The speeches were heartfelt and emotional, and left no doubt that we will have a strong group of leaders next year.

It was also a lovely opportunity to have all of our old Bolton Grade 12’s back with us for a short while and a chance to meet a couple of our new Bolton boys who will be joining us next year. Here is the full crew:


The rest of the week was spent in academic classes, in various sporting activities and getting fit and having fun!

Roberto “Abs of Steel” O.
Jonathan “Superman” N.
Diego “No, Jonathan, I am Superman” D.
LeRyan getting ready for basketball season with some power lifting!
A private screening of Dirty Dancing had everyone singing and dancing!
An epic game of Mahjong
A classic game of field volleyball in the beautiful sun.. nice set Ryan!
Ready for the links…
Subaig and Chris get creative with a hybrid volleyball/rugby game of their own invention.

We finished our Sunday night off with a rousing rendition of Happy Birthday for Sahan and some delicious taquitos to keep the boys happy.

Happy Birthday Sahan (I think our singing is getting better!

We enter a short week this week with Cohort B on out trips, the long weekend looming, and a final week of school sports to close out our third term athletics. The boys are in good spirits and we continue to be very proud of them for their resilience, hard work and positivity.

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