Celebrating the Big and the Small

As Monday was a day off for the Victoria Day long weekend, a hearty crew set off to help Farmer Jim before he left for Fairy Creek to protest the logging of the old growth forest, what a guy!

Manure, manure everywhere! (and check out the bee hives being installed in the background)
Darrell collecting caterpillars to feed the chickens
2 new lambs were very nervous, but very cute!
Darrell vs Ruby in the early rounds of the wheelbarrow competition!
Dylan vs Kevin in qualifying rounds…
The grand final! Ryan vs Dylan vs Darrell!! An epic match!
The 3 little pigs! (Destined to become the 3 very large pigs at over 400lbs each by December!)
Some well-deserved apple juice after a hard afternoon of work.

This week we also said our formal goodbye to longtime houseparent Mr. Shaw who has just welcomed his beautiful daughter into the world and is stepping back from his role in Bolton to focus on his family. We wish him well and thank him for his many contributions to our community. We also welcomed Mr. Stewart to the house, as he will be joining us for the final couple weeks and full time starting in September. Welcome!

Goodbye Mr. Shaw, Hello Mr. Stewart (They are not just different height twins!)

Cohort A had their out trips this Thursday-Saturday with guys hiking, paddle boarding, rock climbing, and sea kayaking. Unfortunately for us, but fortunately for the boys, there were no phones on their trips so we only have this one pre-trip photo, but they sure look excited!

And apparently someone smuggled a phone in on the rock climbing trip so here are some awesome shots of Louis conquering “The Wall of Doom”! and the view from the top.

The Senior School hosted a Covid-limited Keep the Beat on Friday at lunch. While no Bolton boys performed, they did enjoy the sunshine and celebrated the talent on display including dance, singing and music.

The boys also had some time to relax as Will, Frank and Darrell duked it out on the Nintendo while Richard cheered them on. Frank is the new champion!

Two weeks to go of classes with some of our boys beginning to leave next week. We wish all the boys the heartiest of congratulations on making it through such a difficult year with such aplomb!

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