The Beginning of the End

With the end of the year approaching, we are just beginning the first of the closing activities and ceremonies, which will take place over the next two weeks.

House Parents were so busy getting everything organized that we even had to ask Alana and Adam (Timmis/Bolton future head of houses) to step in and cover the duty office!! They also won the boarding award “Most Likely to Return as a House Parent”, so it was fitting that we asked them to cover the office (just for 10 minutes) 🙂

One morning, a few Bolton/Timmis students came together to start their day right! That is, with pancakes and berries!

This week, we also had the opportunity to connect with the Original Bolton Boys (who are all living in the Grade 12 house this year). Here they all are after receiving their ceremonial tankard after a quick speech and witty words from Mr. Daum! It was an awesome evening to re-connect with those Bolton Boys who are graduating !

Internally, we also had awards for our Grade 11 house this year that were voted on by the boys living here in Bolton.

First up, was The Cameron Award for Brotherhood. This award is named for Rob and Eva Cameron who, through their welcoming, familiar approach, brought boys from all five grades together under one roof when Bolton House first formed. It is granted to the boy who is most instrumental in uniting the diverse members of the house.

Adam, our future Head of House, was granted this award this year.

Second, was The Robert Common Award for Honour. This award is named for Robert Common, who personally modeled the behaviour that he expected of others and upheld the highest standards for Bolton House. It is granted to the boy who has similarly upheld high standards for himself and others.

Jonathan, our future Head Prefect, was the recipient of this award.

Finally, there was The Shergold Award for Strength. This award is named for Stephanie, Chuck, and Wendy Shergold, who endured great difficulty and tragedy but carried on in support of Bolton House, thinking consistently about others before themselves. It is granted to the boy who has shown strength of character in the face of adversity.

This year, Frank was the award winner.

See the gallery below for pictures and videos of the short ceremony!

This weekend also marked the start of the move-out process which meant bringing up all the bins from storage. Check out the sweet teamwork in the suitcase/bin assembly line!

We also had the ability to sit together as a building for a delicious, semi-formal event – one of the first of the year!! It was so wonderful to gather with everyone in the Sun Centre.

We also gave out some fun awards, including “the cleanest (and dirtiest) room” awards. Check out all the photos and videos of the action below.

Hip Hip Hooray! Our final housegames are underway! Stations of archery, GaGa ball, egg toss and and a few obstacle courses made for a great afternoon competing with our house.


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