Getting Into the Swing of Things!

It was a wonderful first week for the Bolton students at SMUS! They have truly tried their best to get to know each other and get involved in all of the activities that the school has to offer.

Here are some highlights from the last week. Be sure to check back here every Sunday/Monday for more action from Bolton house and around the school.

Last Monday, our Grade 12’s were the first to arrive. They set up the house, planned some activities, and were ready to greet the new students to SMUS!

Then, everybody else arrived! It was great meeting the new students of Bolton!

Of course, the students got involved in sports tryouts and other activities right away!

Once every month or so, all 6 boarding houses come together to compete in House Games. This afternoon was our first House Games, so Bolton House was sure to come up with a game plan to make their presence known.

Of course, they had to start with practicing their house cheer in the common room, before revealing it (performing it) for all!

On the field, however, it was quite the scene! Here is a video of the cheer below (our house mascot is the Penguin!):

And here were the competing teams. Also, a wonderful chance to see all of the Bolton boys that are now roommates and friends!

The station that the Bolton House Parents organized was the Oreo Challenge. Students had to move the oreo from the forehead to the mouth without using their hands. It proved to be very entertaining, and watching the different methods was hilarious! Many laughs and good times were had by all (as you can see in the pictures below)!

We even have some sweet videos of the action too! Be sure to find Mr. Anderson, Director of the Senior School, demonstrating the task for all to see!

It was such a wonderful week! It will be awesome for students to head into their academic classes tomorrow knowing that they are finding balance and striving to prepare themselves for all aspects of their future (who knows when you will have to move that oreo across your face?!).

Boarding is such a unique experience and we can’t wait for all the moments that this year has to offer with the Bolton students!

Until next week!

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