Building Our Boarding Community

It was a busy first full week for our students. Homework, team practices, and connecting with peers were high on the list of priorities, but not necessarily in that order!

Some of our grade 12s enjoying the sunshine!
Malte gets down to business reviewing some readings during prep!
There have been plenty of exciting battles on the pool table already and many more to come!
While donning his number one uniform this week, Ryan was living up to a common phrase heard in Bolton: “Dress the part”, and he sure looked sharp!
Bolton came together last weekend to participate in the first step towards creating shared agreements. It was an opportunity for students to express what kinds of characteristics they wanted to build into our boarding community.

Mr. Kim took the 9s and 10s on a trip downtown. Snacks appeared to be a common item on their shopping lists as did posters to brighten up their new rooms!

Grade 12 and Head of House, Adam, shares his 10 Essentials

In true GQ style, here is the list of Adam’s 10 Essentials, complete with a brief explanation!

  1. Mask – COVID is still here
  2. Basketball – movie “Like Mike” inspiration
  3. Chain – first chain that my mom bought for me
  4. Hat – dad’s old that that he wore for 10 years playing golf (“It’s part of my story.”)
  5. Pillow – glows in the dark
  6. Bag – also dad’s old bag that is older than me (“I like “thrifting” from my dad’s closet.”)
  7. Water bottle – hydration is important
  8. Cologne – to cover up the smell of my “gas”
  9. Eye mask – sensitive to light when sleeping (kind of offsets the glow-in-the-dark pillow..?)
  10. Toothbrush – hygiene very seriously

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