This is a big one so settle in!

It has been a very busy week in boarding and around the school for the boys of Bolton House so grab a cup of coffee, settle in and enjoy the pictures and videos.

First up, we have housegames from last Sunday. Outdoor soccer, indoor soccer, and Cardio Pictionnary rounded out the day. The boys played with passion and skill in the soccer games and the enthusiasm for Pictionary and charades was outstanding!! The end result was that Bolton House is very much in the lead in the House Cup standings with 71.5 points!

Senior outdoor soccer
Junior outdoor soccer
Indoor soccer
Pictionary Team 1
Pictionary Team 2
Pictionary Team 3
And the other broken piece of Team 3!
Ernest and Boris rounding out Team 2

And some live action videos…

Post games cheer
So fun to see live sports!
Savo on fire!
Wind…waves…wind…current, wind current? WINDY!!
The psychic connection of the Wippell brothers!
Ryan in his element!
singing… shower… singing in the shower!!
It was intense down to the wire!
Check out the hard foul at on Malte at 23 seconds which resulted in…
Nice shiner Malte!!

The rest of the week seemed to pass in blur with the anticipation of Halloween looming on Friday. The energy and excitement did not disappoint and neither did the costumes as many of the boys jumped into the spirit of things as you can see from the photos below…

And some live action videos

Is that Ted Lasso?!… Nope, just Malik.
Alan and Jero going for some toilet humour!
What a scene!
Is there anything funnier than blow up suits?
Maybe blow up suits wrestling?!

Here is a link to the photo gallery with a lot more pictures of all the costumes.

Check out these spooky ghost stories from SMUS lore as well!

Friday night was relatively quiet with lots of the Bolton Boys taking advantage of some free time to work out and play some sports with friends. So good to see the boys being active.

Rentaro and Lucas playing squash
Ai and Wataru working on their 3 pointers! Former Bolton boy Benny knows how to do it!
Ryan from half….!
Look at those muscles…. except Jason on his phone…..
oh wait, there they are!

Saturday was an absolutely beautiful day with sunshine, warm air and lots of activities on offer. Ai and Wataru climbed Mt. Doug along with Mr. Danskin’s dog Chips…

What a view!

Lucas, Kenneth and Rentaro joined Mr. Daum to do some work for Farmer Jim…

Digging a pit for a new post pad.
A delicious treat for break time!

Digvijay and Teigan collaborated on a pumpkin just in time for the big night…

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