A super week!

Check out this super interview with Bolton’s very own Digvijay as part of the Best School Year Ever campaign. Interview with Digvijay

Evan, Naashkii and Digvijay

This Thursday SMUS was host to a massive flu vaccination for over 250 students and staff. It was a super slick operation with 3 pharmacists, 2 nurses and a lot of brave students!

The room clean for this week had a new trophy up for grabs, “The Super Bowl” for cleanest toilet. There were some incredible efforts made to clean inside and out. The Thursday night winners really went above and beyond!

Now this is getting serious!!
And the winner is…
Congratulations to Lucas and Noah!

Friday night saw a large crew head to the local arena for a super exciting hockey game. The local team, the Victoria Royals, came from behind to win the game in overtime 4-3. The SMUS students got a special shout out and were featured many times on the jumbotron!

Digvijay in the background looking excited!
Noah looking even more excited!
Jero and his friends enjoying the evening
Go Royals!
Sorry about the poor filming, but you can still see how much fun was being had, even sideways!
And the Royals tie it up with a couple minutes left….
I thought they would be a bit bigger and faster…
And the Royals win!!

Teigan helping to keep the house tidy. Sometimes getting up on time on a Saturday morning can be super tough!

Despite the holiday season being just around the corner, Rentaro and Lucas braved a haunted escape room on Saturday morning. It was a super tough day with no one successfully escaping, but fun was still had!

Savo, Hanson, Teigan, and Kenneth braved the super wet and cold weather to help clean a local beach. Great to see the boys thinking about others and pushing themselves out of their comfort zones.

Savo with the find of the day!
Cold and wet, but super proud!

Students from Theatre 12 put on a play called “12 Angry Jurors” at the Langham Court Theatre. A busload of boarding students travelled down to support the superb performance! From Bolton House, Malik and Louis were on stage and, by all accounts, stole the show!

A very fancy poster by all accounts..! Can you find Louis and Malik?

We now look ahead to the beginning of Term 3 this coming week. With lots of assessments and project deadlines coming up, the Bolton crew will be busy but we are also looking forward to the fun and laughter that the new week will bring!

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