End of Term Farewells and Seasons Greeting to all!

The Bolton boys enjoyed a pizza party to celebrate a job well done in term two!

Kenneth, Rentaro, Wataru, Lucas and Alan taking in each other company before the feist begins
Ryan and Mujtaba straight cheesing
All smiles for Adam, Subaig and LeRoy
Ryan, Oscar, and Malik give it a thumbs up!
Harun, Seb, Michael, Joshua and Kaz chomping down

The arts council at the school got in on the fun by transporting the Sun Center Commons into a Winter Wonderland

While the sun is still out and before the frost came in, Jero and Ai took to the field!

We had a semi-formal winter holiday community dinner to end the weekend. Bolton house was also joined by Barnacle and Winslow houses. It was great to get part of the community together to enjoy a meal!

Seb and Nokia enjoying their sparkling juice
Jason and Leo

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