In this community, we stand by each other!

It was been a busy weekend with checking travel details, last minute holiday shopping, and sporting events. There is much anticipation going into our final week of school and a noticeable countdown is on!

Student run daily message board

During the school week, Ryan W enjoyed some popcorn provided by his awesome homeroom teachers Mr. Steed and Sra. Calderon.

Ryan approves!

Ernest has been a duty machine this weekend, as he was first on Friday night then kindly offered to cover for Malte who had a volleyball game Saturday. He was right on time Saturday morning to greet everyone as they checked in between 10-10:30 AM.

Ernest dutifully on duty!

Many of the Bolton boys were either competing in volleyball provincials or various basketball tournaments and games. Below, you can see Oscar, LeRoy, Leo, Simon, Malik, Malte and Chris hard at work!

Congratulations to LeRoy who was named 1st Team Allstar at his basketball tournament this weekend!

What a trophy it is, too!

Bolton is hosting this weekend’s boarders chapel and everyone, who didn’t have a sporting conflict, got together in the chapel for some practice first. After some very quiet initial singing of “Stand By Me”, Mr. Fryer was able to coax out some volume and it was sounding great.

Morning practice before Sunday’s chapel service hosted by Bolton

There is a large contingent of people who support our students in boarding and every year, and the Winter Break marks a nice opportunity to show our thanks. Students will be populating a large set of cards with messages and the cards will be delivered in the coming days. There is an impressive array of recipients, from Laundry Services, Campus Security, Grounds and Maintenance, Directors of the school, Boarding Support Staff, Admissions, and many more who make the lives of our students more enjoyable and help keep things running smoothly.

Holiday greeting cards from Bolton and Timmis

We had some super low temperatures this week as well, with this morning being a particularly frosty one!

On Saturday evening, we hosted a FIFA tournament in the common room. After a few upsets and dramatic victories along the way, Louis eventually took home the title. For Seb, Josh, Harun and Dylan who participated but came up a tad short, consolation came in the form of pepperoni pizza on the house.

And finally, after much anticipation, a week delay, and some intense practicing, the Bolton chapel finally arrived. Built around the theme of community, it truly required a full house effort. Here is the final practice run through of the song…

Final run through… looking, and sounding, good!

Without a doubt, one of the best chapels in recent memory with the video (edited, filmed and produced by Jason) getting special mention from reverend Fletcher and Mr. Driscoll. The Reverend was quoted as saying” that was the best video I have seen in 16 years of chapels!” Wow! Special shout out to Leo and Simon for their speeches, Savo, Marcus, Josh, Seb, and Adam K for their contributions in various forms. Louis and Adam L were especially brave to lead the song and the enthusiasm of every boy in the singing was outstanding! A special thank you to Mr. Butterfield (a former Bolton houseparent) for his musical prowess!

Some of the Bolton welcome committee

Here is the chapel in various pieces, but in the order it was presented.

Mr. Butterfield is a one-man-band!
Opening Breaths and our reflection question

The best movie ever!

The Song, Leo’s speech and closing breaths

A worthy cheer to finish it all off!


And finally, after 4 months of outstanding leadership, amazing contributions to the Bolton, boarding and SMUS community, positive energy, support and just general awesomeness, Adam L was awarded his boarding colours, the highest honour for a member of the boarding community. It was well deserved and we would like to thank Adam for all of his work in making this such a great year.

Congratulations Adam!

This will be our last post until the new year. We wish all of the Bolton boys and their families a very safe and restful holiday season. We are so proud of all they have accomplished in the 4 months that we have been back and look forward to more amazing things in 2022. Thank you to all our families for their support and encouragement, we couldn’t do it without you.

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