Happy New Year from Bolton House!

It was so wonderful welcoming back all of the Bolton students earlier this week. Although you couldn’t see it, it was clear there were many smiles behind the students’ masks as they moved back into their ‘home away from home’.

Stories from the break were exchanged, and students were animated about their ski trips or their Netflix marathons. Whatever the students did over the break, it was nice to put daily SMUS life on pause for three weeks and give a chance for everyone to reflect on all their accomplishments.

Everyone settled in their own way as you can see from the pictures below. With midterms coming up in two weeks, work was certainly a common theme.

At SMUS, 2022 is shaping up to be quite the year! The conclusion of the school’s Jubilee year, the Senior School Musical in March, and many days more of learning!

This weekend, the Bolton Grade 9’s and 10’s ventured out to the Saanich Penninsula to Farmer Jim’s to help plant beds for his rhubarb garden. Lots of fun was had, and it was awesome seeing the personalities shine while working together in the outdoors!

And a few live-action shots of the group:

Digvijay finding a clever way over the mud!
Ai showing some tenacity to get through the mud!
The group working hard
Look how fast Savo and Hanson are shoveling! It seems they have done this before!

Sometimes at the Senior School, we forget that SMUS also has a Junior school campus for Kindergarten to Grade 5 down in Oak Bay here in Victoria. Very recently, this video about the SMUS Jubilee was posted to the school website.

A group of budding young documentarians spent the first part of this school year filming a video to celebrate St. Michaels University School’s Jubilee year.

The Grade 3 students – Sway, Elise, Arianna, Elizabeth, Marchesa, Gavin and Jimmy – chose to pursue filmmaking as a project to explore during Genius Hour, which is part of their Applied Design, Skills and Technologies (ADST) class.

Because the video was so impressive and completely made by students, we thought it would be great to include here, so you can learn a bit more about the Junior school too. Enjoy!

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