Frozen Fingers, Fish and Friends

As you may have seen from the letters sent out by Mr. Anderson and Mr. Turner, the school continues to be running effectively and with minimal disruption to daily operations. The same can be said of Bolton House and boarding as we manage some Covid cases and work to ensure the maximum number of boys are able to participate fully in both academic classes and extracurricular activities. We are very proud of the resilience, patience, and adaptability of these young men as they navigate the ever-changing landscape of boarding in the time of Covid!

While some things are changing quickly, others remain exactly the same….

Teenage boys are always hungry and will always eat ice cream!

The grade 9 and 10 boys went for a hike up Mt. Tolmie, our beloved hill whose base we call home, and then for a pizza and ice cream treat! The trip down was a bit tricky but everyone made it safely! It was so nice to have the sunshine and everyone returned with rosy cheeks, frozen fingers, and big smiles.

What an afternoon!
Safety first!

Malik decided to really embrace the good weather and went for a morning fish with Mr. Turner and 3 other boarders. They caught 8 salmon (and threw back quite a few!) with Malik reeling in 3 of them! Here he is with some of his catch which he was able to share with his family while many of the boarding students were able to sample the delicious fish and crab which was prepared and served fresh in the Sun Center.

What a feast!
Double Header!!

And while all that fun was taking place, many students were hard at work preparing for upcoming mid term exams. The Sun Center Commons was a popular study place to work with friends or just get a change of scenery.

Simon and former Boltonite Jonathan
Joshua and Steven in the zone
Roomies Nokia and Michael

We are excited that we have made it through the first two weeks in such a positive and productive way. There is one week left in term 3 and then a couple of days of exams for the senior students and other fun activities for the younger ones.

We continue to encourage the boys to be vigilant in their hand washing and mask wearing with the hope that we can get back to something resembling normal in the coming weeks.

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