Spring is in the air!

Check out this video of Teigan playing baseball on the school field. The sound of the bat connecting with the ball, for me, reminds me of long days spent at the park as a child. That sound also tells me that Spring is finally here!

Another sure sign of Spring is the Grade 9 LINK Leader Egg-Drop Challenge. This very fun event takes place right before Spring Break each year and pits the various Grade 9 homerooms against each other in a battle of engineering, cunning, and, not infrequently, blatant cheating! This year was no different with one homeroom wrapping their device in heaps of paper towel (an illegal material), another attempting to launch their egg holder without actually having an egg in it, and the eventual winner creating a classic parachute with their bag and delivering their fragile passenger safely to the concrete below!

The crowd gathers…
The anticipation was high!
Marcus was so sure it would work… Never had a chance!

Mr. Fryer made the most of the beautiful sunshine this weekend to take Ai to Farmer Jim’s for some more hard work. As always, he was incredibly grateful for the help as he gets the farm ready for Spring planting.

To the casual observer, this may have been a strange sight, but for Nokia and Michael, it was just another day of filming for their Spanish class as they prepare a news broadcast. Or maybe it is a secret boxing ring?!

We also celebrated Digvijay’s birthday with another rousing rendition of Happy Birthday. I’d like to say we are getting better with practice, but….

This year it was exciting to finally have a live musical performed in front of a full audience with a full cast and musical accompaniment. Here is Josh rocking out in the orchestra pit and Malik was a key support member of the stage crew. Well done to both of them and all the performers, musicians, crew, and teachers who supported it. Check out the SMUS website for more photos in the coming days.

Josh rocking the Clarinet in the pit!!

The sun brought many of the boarding students out to play on the field. Great to see some of the Bolton boys honing their rugby skills before the season kicks off later this week.

We are down to our last 5 days of Term 4 classes and then into a well-deserved Spring Break holiday. The hope is that when we return there may be even more freedom to get back to normal with house games recommencing, fans attending sporting events, and Alumni Weekend plans well underway. Term 4 report cards will be out near the beginning of Spring Break and we are proud of all the effort the boys have made to remain focused and on task. Good luck to the Senior boys’ basketball team heading off to provincials this week as well.

To finish off, here is a shot of each pair of roommates for any parents who are wondering what their son might look like after not seeing them for so long! What a crew!

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