Return From Spring Break

We will start things off with the week leading up to spring break. There were a few rugby games played that included lots from Bolton. In particular there is a video of the full match of the seniors verses Brentwood in which the referee is wearing the camera. You get a great perspective of the match and can see all the action up close!

Don’t be alarmed, Jero is still smiling after taking a hit to the face!
Great shots of the junior team all together!

After spring break everyone got right back to it. Classes kicked off on Tuesday and here is a shot of Wataru presenting a water tower in Mr. Donatelli’s class.

This week also marked Pride Week at SMUS. There were some events throughout the week and a special assembly on Thursday. Bolton and Timmis decorated the front of the boarding house in all colours leading up the stairs and into the foyer.

On Saturday Mr. Stewart took the gr. 9’s and 10’s out for a walk in the neighbourhood to get some snacks, and eventually ended up on the field passing the football and for some reason seeing who was the fastest runner.

It looks like Hanson beat out Wataru in this race!

The Grade 11s engaged in the annual leadership retreat. We were able to return to Bolton’s traditional location of French Beach where they participated in a variety of teambuilding activities and some personal reflection. It is a beautiful location and certainly checks the box for a true rugged west coast experience. After successfully completing their final challenge, the retreat ended with everyone heading out for dinner together. What a day!

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