Bolton in Fine House Games Form

It was a solid performance by Bolton in last weekend’s house games. The results have pushed them into a solid lead of more than 40 points over their competitors. Badminton was the sporting activity, while playing card tower building and origami frog racing were the team challenges. The badminton courts were full of excitment as the juniors and seniors each battled it out in doubles action. Bolton was narrowly edged out by Barnacle for the overall Badminton win, but they put forth a tremedous effort.

In the team challenges, they were partnered with their Timmis House companions and the combination was unstoppable! Together they made and hopped over 50 origami frogs and built a card tower more than 30 centimeters taller than the next closest team. Amazing!

Stay tuned for the next house games update in a few weeks time as Bolton tries to maintain their lead and bring home this year’s House Cup!

We also wanted to add some more pictures from the Leadership retreat last week. Below you will see each of the 11’s with their chosen object to represent their leadership. The stories to accompany the items were wonderful and full of humour. There is no doubt that next year’s group is going to be an incredible team!

Seb just hanging out….
Look at the teamwork! This crew will be unstoppable next year!

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