Return of the Easter Bunny!

This long weekend, we welcomed the Easter Bunny onto campus! The students woke up on Sunday morning to find special treats scattered around campus.

How many eggs can you find in this picture?

Jeronimo woke up bright and early to try and gather as many prizes as he could before he ran out of room in his hoodie pocket. By the end of the hunt, his tally was at a whopping 25 eggs.

Don’t eat them all at once, Jero…

On campus throughout the week, we were met with weather of all kinds, including a random snowfall on Monday morning..! That was definitely not expected, considering it is mid-April…

I wonder if we are ready to move on to some spring/ summer weather..??

Once we got past the snow, the weather definitely turned and we were treated to beautiful sunny days. Perfect for a bit of junior boys’ rugby practice, attended by Marcus, Ai, Teigan, Savo and Jero!

Around campus, Jason and Leo, along with ex-Bolton Brothers Eric and Junya, brought out the griddles and cooked up some delicious waffles to raise money for The Foundry (an organization that offers health and wellness supports to youth and young adults aged 12 to 24). This was part of the Health & Wellness Week initiative put on by the prefects and Grade 12 leaders at the school.

Mmmm… Waffles and chocolate chips – can’t go wrong with that combination.

Nokia and his friends in Mr. Daum’s Spanish 11 class took the time to research, buy ingredients for, and cook delicious beef tacos in the Bolton-Timmis common room.

Motivated by his personal experiences during Spring Break, Oscar has been busy at work setting up a food drive around campus to support the Mustard Seed (a non-profit organization based in Victoria that provides food and meals to those who need it most in the community). He has spoken passionately about the issue at our most recent Bolton house meeting, and he hopes to extend his scope to the rest of the boarding community and to the day student community in the coming weeks! Bravo Oscar – keep spreading the good message.

LeRoy lending a helping hand!

The school week also saw several exciting sports games take place on the field, with Senior Girls soccer and Middle School rugby both having the chance to showcase their skills in front of large home crowds. The Bolton crew made sure to show their support, including LeRoy and Krissh pictured below.

As you can see, Mr. Danskin is REALLY excited that rugby is happening again πŸ˜‚

Thanks to the efforts of our amazing Boarding Coordinator Ms. Cordy, we were treated to some special Easter Long Weekend activities and meals. Jero was the beneficiary of a trip to the movie theatre on Saturday night.


On Sunday evening, the Sodexo staff prepared a delicious Easter dinner for everyone that was staying on campus, featuring turkey, ham, brussel sprouts, roasted vegetables, mashed potatoes, and chocolate cake!

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