Bolton brings the fire to the final house games… AND BRINGS HOME THE HOUSE CUP!

With the lead going into the final house games, Bolton fought hard and came out victorious!

Look at the teamwork!! That’s how you win the Cup!!
And the winner is!

The House Cup is back to it’s rightful home in the Bolton House!

Head of House Adam being award the House cup

The Champs!

While we had the chance to celebrate the win, we also had the chance to celebrate this wonderful year at the 2022 SMOSCAR Awards. The Bolton Brothers were dressed to the 9s!

Michael and Nokia were the winners of the Style award!
Adam made it all the way to the front of the room without hurting himself to accept the Glass Jaguar award for most (outrageous) injuries!
Hey now! You’re an all star – The Friday Night Prep All Star! Malik was award the FNP All star for never being assigned Friday Night Prep

Celebrating Sport and Remembering Simon Ibell

Joshua, Sebastian, Ryan, Louis, Malte and Cyrus lead our school’s grade 3 and 4 students in super fun activities during the Junior School’s Right to Play day! This was an event to celebrate and remember alumnus Simon Ibell (’96) by enjoying a morning of fun sports and games in Simon’s honour.

Thumbs up for great food, great friends and great… rubik’s cube competitions?

Mujtaba enjoying the return of boarder snacks
Can’t beat 4 bolton brothers on a two person couch!
Seb and Nokia getting ready for house games!

Dylan and Krissh went to tennis provincials on the mainland and come back with some hardware! The boys came back to the boarding house with bronze medals around their neck! Well done boys!

Krissh isn’t someone to be messed with on the court!

The Bolton Brothers are becoming powerful members of the SMUS community!

Malik spoke at SMUS Talks for the theme “Food for Thought”
Our new Head of House, Joshua Kim, address the boys at a recent house meeting about the future plans for the house!

Try Given! The Senior Boys rugby team are ramping up for their provincials next week!

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