Sun Here, Sun There, Sun Everywhere!

We have been VERY lucky with the weather lately! So lucky, in fact, that the Grade 9s decided to explore other regions of our province on their Out Trips!

Cesar and Inaki enjoying some camping! While others explored Kelowna and the Pacific Ocean!

Christian explored the West coast with the help of a trusty Grade 12 – Harun!

Speaking of Harun! He played an important role in the senior soccer team – Just look!

Soccer was clearly on our mind with the upcoming house games coming up! The penguins set up a fifa tournament in the foyer!

Game play commentated by Savo

House Games!!

And as we do every week, we ended the weekend with a house meeting! We had a few things to celebrate during the meeting – a birthday and the first Bolton pin being awarded!

Happy Birthday Marcus!!!
Joshua was award the first Bolton Pin in two years!

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