Gearing Up for Halloween!

Hello everyone! This week was met with the change into term two and a change in weather into a whole lot of rain. The Penguins stayed busy this week with their new classes, sports, advisee activities and of course, getting ready for Monday’s Halloween festivities.

On Saturday night, we got a taste of what is come for Halloween costumes. Also, the Grade 12’s hosted a haunted house in Brown Hall. It was a big success, but there weren’t many photos as we were too scared to enter!

On Monday during assembly, our resident physics expert Ernest had the opportunity to present what the Physics club has been up to so far this year.

We like to gather our advisee groups through the beginning of each year to spend some time together. This week, Mr. Kim and Mr. Danskin each gathered their groups to make a few sheets of nachos.

This week there were handful of at home volleyball games played by our senior team. The Penguins were represented by Leupold on the court and there were plenty cheering in the stands.

Following the Halloween theme, Rev. Fletcher told some scary stories during chapel this week. This was followed by a lighthearted rendition of “Country Roads” (Rev Fletcher’s scary chapel)

Out on the soccer field Seb and Harun have been representing Bolton House. They have had many games over the last few weeks including a win this Sunday morning!

Homeroom classes can get up to a variety of activities throughout the week. In Mr. Kim’s homeroom there was a trick shot challenge going on. Here we see Hanson and Marcus attempting to bounce their way to success.

The always creative Nokia designed this pair of jeans recently. You can see that he used multiple pairs of jeans to piece these together. Take a closer look to identify all the different parts!

Saturday’s are always filled with activities for the juniors. This Saturday Mr. Kim took a group from a mix of houses to an escape room. The group was successful in escaping with only 4 minutes 56 seconds remaining!

We are now fully into term 2 and will celebrate Halloween tomorrow! Look forward to next week, we should have many pictures of the boarders clever costumes.

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