The Celebrations Continue

Lunar New Year celebrations continued throughout the week. Students practiced their calligraphy skills while spreading traditional messages around the house. Dumplings were on offer in the school quad and by all accounts they exceeded expectations! Finally, Josh and Leupold visited the Junior School campus to share their knowledge and experiences – a link to an article is included below.

Local legend, Farmer Jim, operates an organic farm on the Saanich Peninsula, and it’s a hotspot for service work during Saturday Activities. This weekend, five intrepid workers braved a massive pile of manure and helped spread the nutrient-rich material around the farm to keep the soil healthy. Every trip to Farmer Jim’s is a mix of hard work and education, and the day always wraps up with a glass or two of Jim’s famous homemade apple juice.

There was a robotics competition held at St. Margaret’s School this weekend with 18 schools in attendance. Max participated for a SMUS team who finished an impressive third overall!

The Royal British Columbia Museum hosts an annual wildlife photography exhibit which is always a hit for staff and students alike. This year lived up to the hype and by all reports, everyone was thoroughly impressed by the products on display.

Baking is always a popular Saturday Activity knowing that the “fruits of labour” can be enjoyed at the end. Cookies were crafted this weekend and fully approved by the bakers.

Savo organized a board game night in the common room and after a slow start, the common room was a beehive of activity. The most popular games were Monopoly and Chess, with Chess seeing quite a resurgence within the house recently. Frequently, when homework is all wrapped up during prep, students have been studying chess moves to help prepare for matches that evening.

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