🌴 Summer Vibes! (In February…) 🌴

This week, the Bolton Penguins turned back the clock to the warmer months when it was still socially (and physically!) acceptable to wear Hawaiian shirts and khaki shorts. We were treated to an impressive buffet dinner by the Graves Hall staff, and we were entertained by awesome trivia that Josh and Emily had prepared for us.

On Saturday, Mr. Bell and a huge Bolton-Timmis crew headed to the local rink to don their skates and get a few laps in on the ice. Our resident skating expert, Kenneth, continued to impress us with his silky-smooth skills and Theo took time to give Tommy a (literal) helping hand.

Our food expert Ian C recently started up a SMUS Food Club. As you can see from the photos, the members are flocking over to see what the hype is about! This past week, everyone (including a few houseparents as well!) was treated to a delicious stew in the common room.

This week was a special one for room cleans, with the return of the famous Timmis Trophy checks! There were some valiant efforts on each of the days, but in the end, the winners were: Mujtaba/ Ryan, Lucas/ Rentaro and Marc/ Harun!

On Sunday, we had the return of a classic house games lineup: floor hockey and Charades/ Pictionary! The Penguins battled hard and gained some valuable points for the House Cup race.

Lucas’ whiteboard art has to be among the finest in all of boarding…

Students gathered in the common room to watch the Chiefs sneak out a 3-point win over the Eagles in Sunday’s Superbowl match-up. Sources say that Rihanna’s half-time show was a solid 11 out of 10.

Here is a link to the amazing Large Ensembles Concert on February 8th that featured several Bolton Penguins…

… and a link to an article highlighting Max’s robotic team’s accomplishments at the recent competition at St. Margaret’s School!


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