First Week Back and Many April Showers

Welcome back to all of the penguins! It sounded like everyone had a relaxing time all over the world. Many went home, but some penguins joined school trips to Cuba and Vietnam!

Things got started right back up as students were arriving back to campus from their breaks!

Our rugby players were back at training on a few of the beautiful days this week. Both the junior and senior teams won matches over the last few days. Congratulations to them!

Early in the week a Bolton alum from last year Noah decided to visit from Germany!

This past Friday was Tommy’s birthday and a group of friends got him a cake and sang him happy birthday!

Also on Friday was the SMUS model UN. I’ve included a picture of him dressed up for the event!

On Saturday, because all of the houses had their Gr. 11 leadership retreat, Mr. Kim took the 9’s and 10’s to the swimming pool. Unfortunately, Bolton’s retreat was postponed due to the downpouring rain we have been experiencing periodically this spring.

This weeks boarders chapel focused on the fact that there are only 9 weeks of school left before the summer. We want to promote positivity, finishing the year off strong and for our Gr. 12’s to make some lasting memories. We concluded the evening with a performance of Imagine by a group of boarders. Bolton’s Peter Wang played guitar! Here’s a video of the great performance!

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