Who knew Penguins could fly?

Our own leaping legend, Leupold broke the City of Victoria record for high jump with a jump of 182.88 cm (6 foot 5 inches!).

Not to be outdone, Seb and Harun played with Bays United U18 Silver Soccer team

With APs and finals around the corner, our Bolton Penguins are getting down to business with their studies during prep.

During our house meeting, we gave out a handful of Bolton pins for those who best exemplify the Bolton values inside and outside of the house. Ian, Inaki, Christian and Bradley were all given theirs for their work in the SMUS Art Show a few weeks back and Cesar was awarded the Bolton pin for “sweeping the sheds” – something that is preached during every meeting. Well done Penguins!

Rockin’ and Rollin’ Down South! Interview from our Musical Virtuoso about their trip to Cuba

Hayes and Peter were part of the School’s band trip down to Cuba over spring break! Peter, the guitarist, and Hayes, saxophone extraordinaire, were two of 42 students who took part in the trip.

What were your first impressions of Cuba?

Hayes: Super hot! The beautiful weather just hits you as you come off the plane!

Peter: The culture was very unique! It was odd at first not to see some of the daily items you would see everywhere in Canada.

How many schools did you visit?

Peter: We visited two schools!

Hayes: And one community centre!

Peter: We would play for about 35 minutes or 5 songs and then watch them

How were they?

Hayes: They were great – super gifted! They didn’t even need to look at their sheets of music

Any favourite moments?

Peter: Loved the beaches and lounging by the ocean!

Hayes: I really liked seeing the streets and all the retro cars!

Final question – Would you travel with Mr. Fryer again??

Peter: Oh ya would do it again!

Hayes: I guess.

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