Spring Has Sprung for Fun in the Sun!

We finally turned the corner on weather and have been enjoying the sunshine and warmer days. Several people were out playing soccer yesterday and as noted by the videos, the goaltending was particularly strong!

After school on Thursday, there was also an impromptu baseball game that got going on the field and Bolton was at the heart of the action!

Inaki went for a walk down to Willows Beach and managed to take in some sunshine. Not quite like the beaches of Mexico but still beautiful!

Last weekend was a busy one with alumni in town, and there were plenty of festivities. Several rugby games punctuated Saturday and many of our students operated vendor stalls with a variety of items on offer.

Prior to the Alumni Day rugby game, there was an annual Rugby Alumni Dinner where players were presented with their jerseys for the game the following day. Four Bolton people were part of the event and proudly received their game jerseys. Coaches and Bolton Houseparents, Mr. Danskin and Mr. Kim, were also on hand for the event and were excited to see such great representation from the house.

Ai was quick to ready himself for the sunny weather, donning what must be one of the more impressive tank tops around!

It was a Timmis Trophy week for room cleaning inspections and, as expected, everyone stepped up the quality. There were also plenty of bonus enticements put on by our “penguins” to woo the judges into selecting their room as the cleanliest. Lighting, music, food bribes, and even the fireplace channel on computers were all methods employed.

In an engineering challenge, students needed to use the laser cutter and 3D printer to create a tool that automated the game of crokinole. After some epic showdowns, “Connor’s Team” narrowly lost in the finals.

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