Plenty To Celebrate This Time Of Year

What can happen in a week at SMUS, you ask? Well, let’s start with the final house games – The House Olympics.

Seb and Ava fought to the end in one of the most exciting SpikeBall finals you’ll ever see

From House Games, the Penguins cleaned themselves up for the SMOSCARS – and boy do they all clean up nice! A final dinner with the whole boarding community capped off with a few awards!

Ian was awarded the Master Chef award and Tommy was the big winner of the Rookie of the Year!

A few days later these Penguins were off to compete in the Senior Boys Rugby Provincials!

Martin, Savo, Nokia and Seb were integral parts (as well as Coach Mr. Kim!) of the Senior boys finishing 2-1 and capturing 5th place in the Province! Well done!!

Somehow this week’s recap is only halfway done!

Peter was in the Pit Orchestra for the Middle School’s performance of School of Rock The Musical!

As Saturday comes along so do Saturday Activities! The fair came to town in the form of the Oak Bay Tea Party. Of course, Ai, Tommy Hanson and Theo took advantage of the rides!

Mr. Danskin took some of our Bolton Penguins on his very own Victoria Taco Tour!

La Taqueria was the #1 choice with Maiize Nixtamal a close second. 

And to draw this week to a close, the BIG CLEAN began with clearing out the luggage from the storage. A mighty task for one but as you’ll see below, many hands make light work!

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