Goodbye (For Now)

Here we are – at the end of the 2022-23 School Year!

With the last day of formal classes behind us, the campus is growing increasingly quiet. Our students have been saying their tearful goodbyes while rooms full of memories are slowly being cleaned. For some, this is only the start of a break until the new school year. For others, this is the end to an amazing school year and their time at SMUS.

Regardless of Bolton students’ September plans, one thing is for sure: they have called this place home for the last 10 months. It has been a year with so many wonderful moments (as documented in this blog). There have also been challenges along the way, with leaps and bounds of personal and social development. I have been so proud and honoured to work with each of the 44 students who have lived here in Bolton House this year. And, even though this Bolton House will never be the same, we hope that our paths cross again.

Our attention on campus for the next few days turns to our Graduates of 2023, many of whom have been in our boarding programme for 4 or 5 years. It is time to celebrate all of their wonderful achievements and remind them of how far they have come.

For those Penguins who are not returning, please know that your House Parents are still here in Victoria, cheering you along as SMUS alumni in your journey throughout life. Don’t forget to keep in touch and visit sometime in the future – you will be so missed until then.

Thank you to all the parents who have trusted the School and our group of house parents in the care of your children this year. They have been a joy to work with everyday and provided so much learning for us, as adults, too. We hope you have enjoyed following the blog throughout the school year and thank you for all your support along the way.

From all of us here in Bolton House, we wish you a restful summer.

– Mr. Fryer

Bolton House – 2022-23

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