Bolton is Back!

Welcome to all the penguins new and returning!

We had a very busy week! The grade 12’s decorated the house were here to welcome all of the new Bolton students. In the evening after some icebreaker games, the gr. 12’s from Bolton and Timmis shared their knowledge of rules and routines of boarding.

We even had a visit from Mr. Daum, the senior houseparent from a few years ago!

There were two days of classes on Thursday and Friday which meant full uniforms! Lucas one of our heads of house was giving some lessons to Takuto on tying a tie.

We concluded the week with our annual picnic at Willow’s Beach. It was a beautiful day, with perfect beach weather. House parents and Bolton/Timmis students all came down to the beach and brought many games to play. There was bocce ball, cornhole, volleyball and some even ventured into the ocean!

After the beach the gr. 12’s took new students to downtown Victoria on public transit. This is another good opportunity for the 12’s to connect with the new students and teach them how to get around Victoria.

Everyone will have a full week of classes this week!

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