Bolton Creates Community

This week marks the end of the first (and longest) term of the school year. As Term 1 draws to a close, students are recovering from University applications, important tests, and provincial athletic championships.

Bolton House was also in charge of the latest community dinner, and decided upon the theme of “Comfort” to celebrate the community we live in and de-stress from a long term. Some of our Bolton boys led meditation for the entire boarding population and even prepared a menu at our fantastic new dining hall (it was very tasty)! Here are some photos from the dinner:

We also competed hard in House Games and are currently in second place behind Barnacle House – but we are very close and the year is still young!

And we also celebrated Patt’s birthday this weekend! Here are some pictures from his celebration:

Even with all of the time spent on academics, some of our students even had time to volunteer at Farmer Jim’s, helping him prepare his gardens with much needed soil. It is encouraged that all of our Bolton boys take part in service initiatives throughout the year. Here are some pictures from the work they did:

This week, we have many activities including our SMUS Christmas Gala, hosted by the Parent’s Auxiliary at the Crystal Gardens in downtown Victoria. Families are welcome to attend this formal event, which will see our boarding students and day families come together for a wonderful buffet dinner, auction, and dance. We are very much looking forward to seeing our Bolton Boys in their very best suits! We’ll share some pictures from the event next week.

Wishing everybody the best as we move into December!

Halloween & More!

There has been a flurry of activity on Campus this week. Halloween celebrations were in full swing at the school, including an amazing fireworks show on Wednesday night that lasted 15 minutes.fireworks.jpg

That same evening the Art’s Council also hosted the 20th annual Howlapalooza show in the school’s chapel, which featured student performances of music, drama, and even MAGIC. Joel, who is Head of the Art’s Council organized the event and brought the day and boarding student communities together. Laurent also performed an amazing magic trick at the end of the show and used our new Head of School, Mark Turner, as the audience volunteer. Check out some videos from the event below!



And here are some of the Bolton Boys (and house parents) in their costumes that they wore to school.

Our Bolton boys also competed well in their athletics commitments. The Cross Country squad, racing in a highly competitive Island meet at Beaver Lake, turned in some excellent performances. On the boys’ side, Jack ran outstandingly well, coming in 27th overall in an elite field to capture one of the at-large berths to the provincial meet. He competed today and came 112th in the Province, running 6.2km in 24 minutes. That’s Fast!

The Senior boys squad, on the heels of a disappointing 4-1 loss to Claremont, then bounced back with its best all-round performance of the term, traveling to Royal Bay and securing a vital 1-0 victory. With this crucial win, SMUS finishes fourth in local league play. The team will enter the Island AA tournament in Campbell River on November 7-8 as the South No. 1 seed. Turay and Jom competed on the right wing during the team’s latest win against Stelly’s in the Colonist Cup Quarter-Final. Here are some videos below:

Frank also won a gold medal at the Rowing Regatta today! Go Frank!

As the Term 1 draws to a close, the boys are working hard at staying on top of their academics. Here is Patt doing an experiment in Mr. Shaw’s Marine Science class.


However, there is always time for fun too. Here is a group shot of the Bolton Boys that attended the 6th Annual Canadian Winter Activity. They competed hard during the street hockey event and enjoyed classic Tim Horton’s hot chocolate and donuts.

Bolton Boys Hockey.jpeg

Before we break next weekend for the long weekend, we will pause to remember those who fought for our freedom during the SMUS Remembrance Day ceremony. The service will be streamed live on the SMUS website for those that are interested. We will also reflect on our own school’s military past which used to be a large component and very apparent ethos of our school.

We hope everyone enjoys the next week of school and takes time over the Long Weekend to recharge in anticipation of the last push until the Winter Break!

A little bit of everything

The blog this week has a little bit of everything with a few events being missed because of the long weekend. We also have some of the classics like Saturday activities that always have the boys participating in a ton of fun events.

We start with the Cops for Cancer visit that raised an impressive amount of money to support Camp Good Times – a summer camp for children suffering from cancer. Will was one of the MC’s and a few of the boys “bravely” risked the hair on their legs for the good cause.


The Grade 10 Experiential Program also kicked off with the first day of expeditions happening on campus and around town. For a complete list of expeditions, lots of photos and some great student-written write-ups about the amazing opportunities being offered, you can check out this link: (Note that the blog is just being populated so not all expeditions are updated yet). Here is Garret busy learning how to roast coffee as part of the “School Grounds” cohort while Damon has some fun with the “Student Athlete Experience”. All of our grade 10 boys were involved and every piece of feedback has been very positive.  The next expedition day is November 21st.


This week was similarly busy with all of the grade 9 students participating in their first LINK Leader activity,  pumpkin carving.  It was a great mix of our newest students and our veteran grade 12’s. There were some very creative designs and everyone enjoyed an early taste of Halloween, including houseparent Mr. Shaw!

The Intercultural Council hosted Latin American week which culminated in a “Feria” (fair) at lunch complete with food, music and a piñata.

Thursday night was an important one for the school community as we celebrated our Founder’s Day Dinner.  This is a big event hosted in the Sun Center where we recognize and pay tribute to our founding members including W.W. Bolton, our house namesake. For more information about Reverend Bolton check out this short video:


Because the Sun Center was used to host our distinguished guests, we were required to have dinner out on the town and decided that Romeo’s Pizza was the right place for a bunch of hungry boys.  We were not wrong. Many, many pizzas later, we had full bellies and were also full of good cheer having spent the evening together. Toby, Jack and Logan had particularly full bellies!



And of course, the Saturday Activities did not disappoint.  We had pumpkin carving, a Horror Escape Room, card making, some farming and a bit of service work serving hot chocolate to local people in need.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Finally, just for fun, a shot of Jerry, Vincent and Dat – the dream duty team!

Check back next week for more fun photos and exciting updates.

House Games! Dancing! FUN!!

This beautiful Sunday was the perfect day to kick off the House games season.  While the last ones were very fun, they did not officially count towards the House Cup Challenge points, so today brought with it a heightened level of excitement and anticipation. The competition was fierce as you can see from the photo below!


It was actually just Mr. Danskin dressed as a zombie as part of the escape room excitement! We had 5 teams participating in outdoor 7 aside and indoor 5 aside soccer along with an escape room and photo scavenger hunt.  The boys played with great heart, grit and honor.

This was followed by a delicious Country Western dinner in the Sun Center.  Finn and Jack showed us their line dancing skills as they put on a show to see which house would get to eat first.


We also had a chance to check in with Harry to see how his week was and his first duty shift as a senior in Bolton:

Mr. Daum:  Harry, how was your first shift as a senior doing duty in the house?

Harry: It was just normal because I know the chores already because I have been on duty before as a grade 10!

Mr. Daum: What was the best part of house games today?

Harry: That none of the teams made it out of the escape room.

Mr. Daum: If you could be any animal what would you be?  Why?

Harry: A panda! Because I get all the love.

Mr. Daum: Which course are you currently enjoying most?

Harry: Creative Writing because it’s not math based.

Mr. Daum: When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up? What do you want to be now?

Harry: I wanted to be a super hero, I guess, everyone one does right? I actually don’t know what i want to be now.

Mr. Daum: How does it feel to have the same roommate in grade 11 that you had in Grade 8?

Harry: It feels like I don’t need to spend time getting to know him because I already know him pretty well.

Mr. Daum: If you were stuck on a deserted island and could only have one food, what would it be?

Harry: The bubblegum from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. The one that is like a meal.

Mr. Daum: If you could listen to one song right now, what would it be?

Harry: In the name of love by Martin Garrix.

Mr. Daum:  Thank you Harry. Do you know any good jokes?

Harry: No, I suck at making jokes.

Mr. Daum: That’s too bad.

Here are Laurent and Harry on their duty shift together tonight, what a pair!




Terry Fox Run and Uber Athletes!

With the grade 10 boys away on out trips this seemed a quiet week in the house, but it was certainly no less busy! Things kicked off last Sunday morning with the annual Terry Fox Run.

This is one of the most important events for our boarding community and the Bolton boys showed up in force and with some great attitudes.  Jack finished 5th overall showing his blistering pace while Garry, Toby, Garret and Misha lent a hand to the event organizers by cheering on the runners and controlling traffic to keep everyone safe.  The rest of the house ran, jogged or walked the 5 km course along beautiful Beach Drive overlooking the Olympic Peninsula.

It was great to see former Bolton Senior Houseparent Mr. Bateman and his family out, and even more impressive, to see the new Head of School, Mr. Turner, striding along!

The school week also saw the beginning of clubs and councils.  Here are Antonio, and Will leading the Psychology and French Clubs respectively, while Joel, Tuan and Logan participate in the Politics Club.


Athletic teams have also been busy in various places.  Here is Joel at dinner with the Sr. Boys Volleyball Team before their first match and a few shots of Jom during Sr. Boys Soccer action. You can use this link to get all the sports updates from the whole school:

Perhaps the most exciting sporting event is the ongoing battle between roommates Nemesio and Turay as to who is the better athlete.  They have begun Bolton’s first “Uber Athlete Showdown” under the guidance of Mr. Danskin and are currently tied at 3 victories each in a best of 10 series.  Neme was the clear winner in the Spikeball event and squeaked out an exciting soccer shootout victory along with the ping pong.  Turay handily won the 100m dash and was able to come from behind to win the mini goal soccer game (in part to the free kick awarded for Neme’s hand ball!), as well as the basketball challenge.  The rest of the events will be played out this week so check back to see who the top athlete is!



Misha embraced one of our touchstones this year, “sweep the sheds”, as he spent the afternoon cleaning up the floors of the art room after creating some funky pants which you can see him wearing while on duty today.


Adam had some free time after school so helped young Elliot work on his soccer skills, while Toby and Garret tried on some Rugby Canada gear while attending Castaway Wanderers rugby practice. Will embraced his inner baker and made some delicious pound cake which he shared with the house.


And, as promised in the first blog, here are some shots of our LINK Leaders welcoming the new students to the school (almost 3 weeks ago!) along with a few more fun ones from the opening move-in day and our first assembly.

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This week the grade 11 boys are off on out trips so check back soon for some more great shots.  Bolton is off to a great start and the boys have done a fine job of embracing our focus on “Honour” and can be proud of their early accomplishments.

And so it begins!

Welcome (and welcome back) to Bolton House and SMUS. We are just finishing up our first week in boarding and already so much has happened!  From those first nervous moments moving into the house, to the thrill of House Games victory, the boys have been busy, busy, busy.


Our first few nights were spent getting to know each other with some name games, songs and our annual soccer game.

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We also added a new favorite “British Bulldog” that had everyone in hysterics.


The rock-paper-scissor name game was also a hit with an intense final showdown between Xavier and Frank, with Frank coming out as grand champion!

The first day of classes have come and gone and we are slowly settling into the routines of school and boarding. We are also proud to boast many school prefects (Will and Joel below) along with Antonio, Stanley, and Garry.


We also had Vincent, Will, Laurent, Jerry, Tung and Tuan representing Bolton with the LINK Leader program which welcomed our new students to SMUS.  This is a big commitment and makes such a difference to making everyone feel welcomed in the school. (pictures to come!)

Friday night saw the grade 12 seniors take the entire house downtown for a scavenger hunt and tour of the city. It was a nice chance to connect and get to know each other even better. The sense of community continued long into the night with hanging out and card games.

Saturday was spent at the park with our annual Bolton Timmis picnic at Willows Beach. Despite the grey skies, everyone was able to get into the fun and Tuan even made it into the ocean!


Sunday was no less busy or fun as we participated in the first Housegames of the year. Bolton had the special privilege of being featured in the Best School Year Ever promotional video, which even included some smoke bombs! When the video is ready we will be sure to share the link.

The housegames themselves were very fun with the boys participating in a variety of different events including a recycling relay, some team work events and my personal favorite, throwing cheezies to try and stick them onto a head covered in shaving cream!



This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And here are some videos from the various events to give you a feel of what was going on in all those photos! Some of it is even in slo-motion!






This finished with a delicious dinner in the beautiful Sun Center.


All in all it has been a magical first week and we could not have asked for a better start to Bolton House.  A big thank you to all the Grade 12 leaders for their hard work getting the house ready and for welcoming our new guys. Also, a thank you to all the houseparents for their tireless work to try and make Bolton House the best home away from home. GO BO!!


Welcome to Bolton from Mr. Fryer!

Happy New School Year!

My name is Evan Fryer and I live on the third floor of Bolton House as the Senior Assistant House Parent. This is my 7th year involved in the Boarding Program at SMUS, and my first year with the Bolton boys. After 6 years working in Barnacle House, I am very excited about contributing to the culture of this fantastic house!

I also teach in the Mathematics Department at the Senior School and coach the Sr. Boys Soccer Team (this year we have a few Bolton boys on the team). Outside of SMUS, I referee Professional and Semi-Professional soccer games and love to travel. I also like to ski, and look forward to organizing the third annual Boarding Ski Trip to Whistler in February.

I can’t wait for an exciting year with the Bolton boys!

Evan Fryer - Bolton Blog