Basketball, Headmasters and Fun

Saturday Activities were many and varied again this week. Xavier and Dat served hot chocolate at one of the local homeless shelters…

…Garret and Pine went old school at the new arcade that just opened in downtown Victoria with Garret setting a new high score!

Many boys took in the basketball action at the SMUS annual Police Tournament. Justin “The Juice” was in fine form setting up baskets and even taking a few shots himself as you can see from the video below. Unfortunately the team finished 1 point shy of first place losing a very exciting final game in the last few seconds.


Adam L, Leo and Finn were away in Vancouver for various basketball tournaments.  Finn and the Junior Boys returned as ISA champions!


Earlier in the week, Xavier and Toby were energetically engaged in a heated debate in Mr. Daum’s Social Studies 10 class on the importance of the various causes of World War Two….

… and Javier took some quiet time out to work on his art project in Mr. Bateman’s class.


Mr. Mark Turner, the school Headmaster, featured prominently in the world of Bolton House this week as he shared lunch with Toby in the Sun Center and then was on duty in the house on Wednesday night with his lovely wife, Elizabeth. Jerry and Vincent were the proud recipients of the Turner Title for the cleanest room of the evening. Antonio and Said did not hesitate to take advantage of the photo op with the famous visitors!


House meeting was rowdy after the housegames last week as the boys had much to be happy about!

20190113_190446 (1)

This past week also saw the third installment of the grade 10 Experiential day. Photos from the various expeditions can be found here: and will be updated regularly so check back often.  Here is one of Kevin from his day with the Fashion Design and Industry group.


Bolton Flys to the Top!

It was with great excitement that the standings of the House Cup challenge were revealed earlier this week.  Bolton House had once more regained its rightful place atop the standings! A big congratulations to all the boys for their skill, sportsmanship, teamwork and positive attitudes as they participated in the first House Games of the year.

It started with Stanley trying to get some extra points with his accurate serving…

…and lead into an intense 12 round, multi game series of badminton games in which Bolton emerged the winner in the seniors, thanks in part to a desperation last second serve by Garry that resulted in a tie and an extra half point for the win!  The juniors fought valiantly to a second place finish with several of the boys participating in their first ever game of badminton!

Meanwhile, two teams were using their brains and their teamwork skills to solve two challenges.  Needless to say, the boys were successful in both feats and were the first to be done!


In the end it was the perfect start to the year for Bolton House and we look forward to more of the same in the coming weeks as our next House Games are on February 3rd!

Happy Holidays

Just a quick final post to wish all of the Bolton Boys a very restful and happy holiday season.  As they travel home or to other exotic destinations, we hope they have safe travels, lots of good sleep-ins, tons of delicious food and some time to reflect back on what was by all accounts a tremendous start to the year.  We are excited to have them back for the first day of classes on January 7th and look forward to another six months of academic, athletic, artistic and social successes.


To finish off our updates, here are some photos form the final Christmas assembly.  The video does not do justice to the enthusiasm of every student in the gym when it came time to sing the “12 Days of Christmas”, but at least it helps explain some of the distorted faces from a couple of the pictures.  Believe it or not, they were having fun and not screaming in part of some violent protest!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


One special stand out deserving of his own section was Xavier who performed as one of the Three Kings. His solo was spectacular and fully deserving of the cheer that followed, as you can see in the video.  We hope to see more of him on the stage in the coming years!


Thank you to all the parents for your support and trust in allowing us to work and live with your sons, it is an honor.  To the Bolton Boys, enjoy the break, get lots of rest and come back ready to prove your honor by jumping into the ocean on January 12th!!

The Final Week

As we head into the last few days of school, there is a lot to be thankful for – we have had an exciting year so far and it has been truly wonderful getting to know the new boys from around the World, and welcoming them to SMUS and our Bolton Family. With the enthusiasm of the returning Bolton students, we have really accomplished a lot this year!

However, there are still a few days left of school that include: chapter tests, Christmas hampers, the Shergold Pancake Breakfast, as well as the All-School Christmas Assembly.

Here are some shots from some of the different Christmas celebrations around Bolton and Timmis in the last week. Our students organized a Secret Santa event in our brand new Student Commons Area, and it was such a success – and the baking was also very tasty!

In the midst of all the Christmas Action, a few of our boys (and Timmis Houseparent and coach Mr. Robinson) led the U18 rugby team to a Provincial Victory on Saturday Afternoon. Toby even scored a very important try to contribute to the winning result. Although Jack and Garrett were injured, they helped the team get to the final. Well done boys!

Thanks to all Bolton Boys and Houseparents for a wonderful 2018! We hope everyone has a chance over the Winter Break to spend some quality time with their friends and family, and we look forward to welcoming them all back in 2019!

From all of us here in Bolton, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!

Bolton Creates Community

This week marks the end of the first (and longest) term of the school year. As Term 1 draws to a close, students are recovering from University applications, important tests, and provincial athletic championships.

Bolton House was also in charge of the latest community dinner, and decided upon the theme of “Comfort” to celebrate the community we live in and de-stress from a long term. Some of our Bolton boys led meditation for the entire boarding population and even prepared a menu at our fantastic new dining hall (it was very tasty)! Here are some photos from the dinner:

We also competed hard in House Games and are currently in second place behind Barnacle House – but we are very close and the year is still young!

And we also celebrated Patt’s birthday this weekend! Here are some pictures from his celebration:

Even with all of the time spent on academics, some of our students even had time to volunteer at Farmer Jim’s, helping him prepare his gardens with much needed soil. It is encouraged that all of our Bolton boys take part in service initiatives throughout the year. Here are some pictures from the work they did:

This week, we have many activities including our SMUS Christmas Gala, hosted by the Parent’s Auxiliary at the Crystal Gardens in downtown Victoria. Families are welcome to attend this formal event, which will see our boarding students and day families come together for a wonderful buffet dinner, auction, and dance. We are very much looking forward to seeing our Bolton Boys in their very best suits! We’ll share some pictures from the event next week.

Wishing everybody the best as we move into December!

Halloween & More!

There has been a flurry of activity on Campus this week. Halloween celebrations were in full swing at the school, including an amazing fireworks show on Wednesday night that lasted 15 minutes.fireworks.jpg

That same evening the Art’s Council also hosted the 20th annual Howlapalooza show in the school’s chapel, which featured student performances of music, drama, and even MAGIC. Joel, who is Head of the Art’s Council organized the event and brought the day and boarding student communities together. Laurent also performed an amazing magic trick at the end of the show and used our new Head of School, Mark Turner, as the audience volunteer. Check out some videos from the event below!



And here are some of the Bolton Boys (and house parents) in their costumes that they wore to school.

Our Bolton boys also competed well in their athletics commitments. The Cross Country squad, racing in a highly competitive Island meet at Beaver Lake, turned in some excellent performances. On the boys’ side, Jack ran outstandingly well, coming in 27th overall in an elite field to capture one of the at-large berths to the provincial meet. He competed today and came 112th in the Province, running 6.2km in 24 minutes. That’s Fast!

The Senior boys squad, on the heels of a disappointing 4-1 loss to Claremont, then bounced back with its best all-round performance of the term, traveling to Royal Bay and securing a vital 1-0 victory. With this crucial win, SMUS finishes fourth in local league play. The team will enter the Island AA tournament in Campbell River on November 7-8 as the South No. 1 seed. Turay and Jom competed on the right wing during the team’s latest win against Stelly’s in the Colonist Cup Quarter-Final. Here are some videos below:

Frank also won a gold medal at the Rowing Regatta today! Go Frank!

As the Term 1 draws to a close, the boys are working hard at staying on top of their academics. Here is Patt doing an experiment in Mr. Shaw’s Marine Science class.


However, there is always time for fun too. Here is a group shot of the Bolton Boys that attended the 6th Annual Canadian Winter Activity. They competed hard during the street hockey event and enjoyed classic Tim Horton’s hot chocolate and donuts.

Bolton Boys Hockey.jpeg

Before we break next weekend for the long weekend, we will pause to remember those who fought for our freedom during the SMUS Remembrance Day ceremony. The service will be streamed live on the SMUS website for those that are interested. We will also reflect on our own school’s military past which used to be a large component and very apparent ethos of our school.

We hope everyone enjoys the next week of school and takes time over the Long Weekend to recharge in anticipation of the last push until the Winter Break!

A little bit of everything

The blog this week has a little bit of everything with a few events being missed because of the long weekend. We also have some of the classics like Saturday activities that always have the boys participating in a ton of fun events.

We start with the Cops for Cancer visit that raised an impressive amount of money to support Camp Good Times – a summer camp for children suffering from cancer. Will was one of the MC’s and a few of the boys “bravely” risked the hair on their legs for the good cause.


The Grade 10 Experiential Program also kicked off with the first day of expeditions happening on campus and around town. For a complete list of expeditions, lots of photos and some great student-written write-ups about the amazing opportunities being offered, you can check out this link: (Note that the blog is just being populated so not all expeditions are updated yet). Here is Garret busy learning how to roast coffee as part of the “School Grounds” cohort while Damon has some fun with the “Student Athlete Experience”. All of our grade 10 boys were involved and every piece of feedback has been very positive.  The next expedition day is November 21st.


This week was similarly busy with all of the grade 9 students participating in their first LINK Leader activity,  pumpkin carving.  It was a great mix of our newest students and our veteran grade 12’s. There were some very creative designs and everyone enjoyed an early taste of Halloween, including houseparent Mr. Shaw!

The Intercultural Council hosted Latin American week which culminated in a “Feria” (fair) at lunch complete with food, music and a piñata.

Thursday night was an important one for the school community as we celebrated our Founder’s Day Dinner.  This is a big event hosted in the Sun Center where we recognize and pay tribute to our founding members including W.W. Bolton, our house namesake. For more information about Reverend Bolton check out this short video:


Because the Sun Center was used to host our distinguished guests, we were required to have dinner out on the town and decided that Romeo’s Pizza was the right place for a bunch of hungry boys.  We were not wrong. Many, many pizzas later, we had full bellies and were also full of good cheer having spent the evening together. Toby, Jack and Logan had particularly full bellies!



And of course, the Saturday Activities did not disappoint.  We had pumpkin carving, a Horror Escape Room, card making, some farming and a bit of service work serving hot chocolate to local people in need.

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Finally, just for fun, a shot of Jerry, Vincent and Dat – the dream duty team!

Check back next week for more fun photos and exciting updates.