April Showers

Neme, Jom and Turay took third place in the tennis ISA tournament. Neme was a little disappointed because the strings on two of his racquets broke but he is confident that they will win the provincials.

Evening Yoga Wellness


Josh and Jack hit the catwalk at “A Wearable Art Show by 3d Applied Design”

Saturday activities this week included sushi making, spin class, flying squirrel trampoline park, a trip to Our Place with cookies, and a beach cleanup.

The boys were out on the field today supporting the girl’s soccer teams for the ISA tournament. The Jr girls placed 2nd and the Sr girls placed 3rd.


A recent article on the Spring Break trip to Tanzania was just released and features Toby and Joel (link below)

Spring Break Service Trip 2019: Tanzania

Bolton Chapel is this week and the boys have been working hard to create an exciting program. Antonio and Logan will be delivering heartfelt speeches and there are several guys involved in musical performances. Stay tuned for photos.


Last week was the first time in 8 years that SMUS called a snow day. It wasn’t just one snow day either. It was 2 snow days back to back. There was excitement throughout the house as some of the boys were encountering snow for the very first time. It was really a magical time for everyone.

Antonio caught Nokia in the middle of snowball fight, but the youngster proved quite clever and delivered a true snowball to finish it off!

Saturday activities this week included a Royals hockey game, baking for “Our Place”, a play, a Korean cultural experience, an I-max movie, and a surprisingly popular spin class.

SMUS was the host for a robotics competition this Saturday and Laurent represented the Bolton boys and helped the team finish 6th overall.


Alan and Laurent addressed excited audience members at “SMUS Talks” in the chapel. They spoke eloquently, and their words were well prepared and received.  Laurent even managed a bit of magic!


Garry performed a beautiful rendition of “Shallow” from the Hollywood hit a Star Is Born during the SMUS Live event organized by Joel and the Arts Council.


Report cards will be out very soon as teachers are currently completing edits so please feel free to contact us with nay questions or concerns, or contact the teacher directly.

First Full Week

This marked the first full week of classes and the boys have been doing a great job, falling back into the daily routine of SMUS and all that it has to offer. Selections for soccer, volleyball, cross country, rowing, grade 9 rugby have already been made and the guys have been active in practices and games.

The annual Clubs and Councils fair was held in the quad on Friday and the boys were given the opportunity to join with the groups that they are interested in.

The yearly ISA soccer tournament was held at SMUS this weekend and the senior A team went undefeated to make it to the final match against St Georges. Unfortunately the team lost 7-0. The boys were proud of their silver finish! GO BO

This week’s Saturday activities included baking, nacho making, the Egypt museum exhibit, a hike up Mt Doug, creating a windowsill garden and a fisherman’s wharf walk.


Faces of Bolton:

My interview with Antonio:

Mr. Shaw – Tell me Antonio, how is your year so far?

Antonio – The year has started off great for me and I am very excited to be taking challenging courses.

Mr. Shaw – How does it feel to be the Head of House this year?

Antonio – I am very happy! I am getting used to all of the responsibility and enjoying it. It feels good knowing that I have the support and trust of all of the boys in the house as well as the houseparents. I will work hard to ensure that I keep their trust throughout the year.

Mr. Shaw – When you first started in Bolton did you ever think that you would be Head of House?

Antonio – Not when I was younger no. I had trouble speaking English and I was immature.

Mr. Shaw – In recent years who was the Head of House that you looked up to the most.

Antonio – I would say Ranon because he has such a strong character and I could trust and rely on him to be a good leader. I want the current students to be able to trust and rely on me.

Mr. Shaw – What are your goals for Bolton House this year?

Antonio – My motto this year is “everyone is a leader”. I want everyone to be able to step up and lead in the house.

Mr. Shaw – If you could be one type of food what would it be?

Antonio – Pocky sticks because I’m tall and skinny.

Mr. Shaw – Thank you for your time Antonio. What will you be doing with your time today?

Antonio – You’re welcome. I have to finish homework for my AP classes.


My interview with Misha

Mr. Shaw – Hello Misha, how is your year so far?

Misha – My year has been amazing so far! I am meeting lots of new people and enjoying my time as a senior. I feel like I am ready for the responsibilities of becoming a young adult.

Mr. Shaw – What are your goals for the year?

Misha – Graduate with an 80 average, have a good social life, get out more and not be as shy as previous years.

Mr.Shaw – What is your favourite part about Bolton House?

Misha – It stands out to me as a very supportive environment. We all feel like brothers and we all have each other’s back.

Mr. Shaw – If you could meet any celebrity, dead or alive, who would you meet and why?

Misha – David Bowie for sure! He is my Idol and he represents “being yourself”. You don’t have to do things or act a certain way because other people are.

Mr. Shaw- What is one piece of advice you have for the younger boys in the house?

Misha – Get out and meet new people every chance you get.

Mr. Shaw – Thank you for your time Misha

Misha – No problem Mr. Shaw could I please sign out to Hillside?

Mr. Shaw – Of course!

Welcome to Bolton from Mr. Shaw

Happy New Year


My name is Kyle Shaw and this will be my 5th year in Bolton House as an Assistant Houseparent. I teach science at the senior school and am currently pursuing a master’s degree in school counselling. I love everything that Vancouver Island has to offer and spend most of my free time camping, boating, crabbing and fishing up and down the coast. I spent most of my summer building a small cabin on a piece of property that I own near Hot Springs Cove. My favourite part about working in boarding is the strong sense of community within the house and all of the amazing connections that I make with both the staff and students. I am looking forward to another amazing year!


The Head of House is….

After several engaging speeches from the grade 11 boys and a house vote, the leaders of the 2018/2019 school year have been selected. We are proud to announce that Antonio was chosen as Head of House and Stanley earned the title of House Prefect. Will and Garry were named as School Prefects and Joel was named Head of Arts Council. Garry, Jerry, Laurent, Tuan, Tung, Vincent and Will were also named as Link Leaders and will be instrumental in welcoming the new Grade 9 students next fall. Bolton will be instrumental in the future leadership at SMUS.

Ranon arranged a very exciting paintball adventure this Saturday. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the event and it was nice to get outdoors as a group.

Today was the annual Bolton Timmis BBQ. There was a slip-n-slide, volleyball and other yard games. It was nice to get together as a group and enjoy the sunshine.

Keep The Beat was this week at the senior school to raise money for War Child Canada. Many students performed in the quad to raise money for a good cause.

AP Exams came to a close this week to the relief of many of the boys. You know the end of the year is near when we gather for the house photo. Here is a preview!



Emerging Leaders

The future leaders of Bolton House took part in a leadership activity at French Beach. The grade 11’s spend the day working through a series of games and activities that were completed through teamwork and group bonding. It was a great excuse to get outdoors and enjoy the beach. After the day’s events, we all enjoyed a BBQ that included a campfire and some smore roasting. A big thank you to Mr. Danskin and Mr. Daum for organizing the event.

Saturday activities this week included pizza making, a trip to Fort Rodd Hill, an art class, a dim sum cultural tour and an architecture tour.

Michele from the Fort Rodd Hill service activity said “We had a great group out at Fort Rodd Hill. We got to learn a little about native plant species, observe pollinators and then thin a native plant that was taking over the meadow. The group also had time at the end to explore the area, including the lighthouse and beach.”

This past week was Afro Society week which included a very delicious African themed dinner. Joel and Bolu were a part of the chapel presentation. Joel impressed everyone with a very thoughtful speech.

Joel Chapel

Over Spring Break many of the boys attended international trips. There was an Australian rugby tour, a Japanese cultural experience, and service trips to Nicaragua and India.

The annual Boot game was this past week and although the boys were defeated by Oak Bay, there were lots of fans cheering the boys on.

Cold Snap

Rehearsals are in full swing for this year’s musical Catch Me If You Can. Thirteen members of Bolton House will grace the stage in what will be an incredible performance. Below is a link to a recent article written about the preparation for the musical.

CaptureCatch me if you can.PNG


We had a cold snap this week and although we didn’t get a snow day, the boys found the cold snap to be an exciting change.

This week’s Saturday activities included a crabbing adventure, ice cream making, an art exhibit, Victoria Royals hockey, an art workshop and a service walk for homelessness.

The senior boy’s basketball team beat Lambrick Park this Saturday to secure the 3rd place spot on the island. There will be a playoff this Tuesday in Chilliwack to decide who will continue on to the Provincial Championships.