Alumni Weekend & More

With the longer, brighter, and warmer days, comes reason for celebration. Every year in May, we welcome back Alumni to SMUS. This weekend was no exception and proved to be an amazing day full of great conversations and stories from the past.

In Bolton House each year, we host Alumni from as far back as the 1960’s. Here are a few pics from the celebration.

Bolton Reunion 3Bolton Reunion 6

Next year, we would love to have you and your families join us if you are in town!

Other than the Bolton Reunion, there were many other events at the school, including Alumni rugby, basketball and soccer games. Some of our boys took part in these sports while some chose to volunteer with other aspects of the day including parking attendants. Here are some snaps of the Bolton Guys in Action:

Our Grade 12 students also participated in a special Alumni Chapel, where they received their Grad Bears. Alumnus, House Parent and Mathematics Teacher, Mathew Geddes ’93, gave a speech recalling his time at the school. Here are some pictures from the annual Grad Bear toss:

Alumni Chapel 9Alumni Chapel 8Alumni Chapel 1


At the Senior School, students were busy studying hard for their AP Exams which are the next two weeks before the May Long Weekend Break.

Last Monday Evening, the school head a Physics Fair where Harry, Alan, Said, Justin, and Dat presented their amazing projects!

In the same evening, there was also a Recitation Finals event where two of our Bolton Boys were represented (Will and Alan).

There was also a debate at lunch with Head of School, Mr. Mark Turner, hosted by the Adventures in Public Discourse Club.

Debate with Mr. Turner

Outside the studying time, you could find various boys playing Spikeball to de-stress and get in some good physical activity. It is quite the game! Check out the action below if you have never heard of it before:

Spikeball 1Spikeball 2

Ryan, one of our Grade 10 boys celebrated his birthday in style with the whole Bolton House singing him happy birthday!

Ryan's Bday 1Ryan's Bday 2

As the boys head indoors each night to prep for those exams and Experiential opportunities, they are reminded to find balance and carve out time for relaxation and physical activity. At our weekly house meetings, we talk about this quite a bit and love hearing from the Bolton boys about how they stay balanced.

Thanks for reading this week’s blog post – we hope you come back to read more in the next few weeks!

April Showers

Neme, Jom and Turay took third place in the tennis ISA tournament. Neme was a little disappointed because the strings on two of his racquets broke but he is confident that they will win the provincials.

Evening Yoga Wellness


Josh and Jack hit the catwalk at “A Wearable Art Show by 3d Applied Design”

Saturday activities this week included sushi making, spin class, flying squirrel trampoline park, a trip to Our Place with cookies, and a beach cleanup.

The boys were out on the field today supporting the girl’s soccer teams for the ISA tournament. The Jr girls placed 2nd and the Sr girls placed 3rd.


A recent article on the Spring Break trip to Tanzania was just released and features Toby and Joel (link below)

Spring Break Service Trip 2019: Tanzania

Bolton Chapel is this week and the boys have been working hard to create an exciting program. Antonio and Logan will be delivering heartfelt speeches and there are several guys involved in musical performances. Stay tuned for photos.

A Healthy Week and Grade 11 Leadership

It seem shard to believe that we have only been back from Spring Break for two weeks, as the school and boarding community have been going flat out with academics, extra curricular and boarding events.

Last weekend was a very important one for the Grade 11 Bolton Boys as they participated in the annual Leadership retreat at beautiful French Beach on the west coast of Vancouver Island.  The weather was far from ideal with wet wintry squalls coming in off the ocean, but the boys showed great resilience braving the elements, and were able to do some very important team building, leadership training and planning for next year. They even had to solve a series of challenges to rescue Boris, the house mascot, who had been kidnapped!  We are very excited to work with this group next year as they take over from our current Grade 12’s.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

One unexpected event was the race for the ocean with the inflatable raft.  The boys were required to inflate it, but not actually use it, but somehow this piece of information was missed.  All of a sudden Justin came sprinting down followed by a barefoot Jack who was determined to hit the waves! Needless to say no one went into the water except Jesus at the start to rescue our bucket.


Here is Alan taking advantage of the newly renovated Brown Hall with his Art class.  The new space has yet to formally be designated for any specific purpose, but makes a pretty nice art room!


This week was Health and Wellness Week at the Senior School with a variety of events taking place including some yoga in the quad which Stanley and Joel took advantage of to de-stress. Stanley also introduced the guest speaker, former Olympian Jason Dorland, at the all school assembly and spoke very well.

Athletic teams were also busy with Tennis, Track, Rugby, Sailing, Rowing, Badminton and more all involved in games and trainings.  Here is a great shot of Toby during the Junior Rugby game against Brentwood.


Saturday had the usual gamut of activities to keep guys engaged and busy.  Golf and some boardgames complimented some service activities. Eric, Garret and Frank baked some bread in a bag (literally made in a bag and then baked) while Dat helped make some soup and chili.  All of the food was then given to a local women’s shelter…

… while Pine enjoyed a cultural dining experience with some friends…


… and Harry and Josh created an impressive meal.


We also got some great shots from the Service trip to Costa Rica that several of the Bolton Boys were on.  Jerry says the highlight was “living in a place where you have no technology because you really get to learn to make connections.” Laurent thought “it was great because I was able to see how the community valued their culture so much and didn’t let the outside world influence their traditions.  Also, how important it was to spread their message about the environment. It was also lots of fun!”  Vincent appreciated “the delicious food and the beauty of the location, the entire experience was amazing.” Garry really enjoyed the opportunity to explore a new culture while spending quality time with his friends in a challenging and unique adventure.

This next week is a short one as we head off for the Easter long weekend, so check back on the 27th for another post as we prepare for the Bolton House Chapel.

Penultimate House Games!

And Bolton rises to the top once more!! A beautiful sunny Sunday saw the Bolton boys working hard on the filed and in the chapel to regain their lead in the House Cup standings with only one house games left! Bolton’s very own Mr. Fryer took center stage as one of the hosts for The Family Feud event.  What a shirt!


The junior boys won the ultimate Frisbee with two exciting wins.  Adam L and Xavier were vocal leaders with a good arm supported by some great teamwork by the other juniors. Diego caught the winning throw to ensure the first place finish!

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The Family Feud event was very entertaining as teams went head to head in a SMUS version of the classic TV game show.  Our eclectic team was the perfect combination to ensure a 1st place finish with total dominance over the other houses. Here is the winning team shortly after their victory.


The Senior Boys finished second after two close games and were dripping in sweat and panting as the final whistle blew.  Full credit to them for being so competitive against two very athletic teams.


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And finally, the Kickball team lead by coach/players Logan and Justin made short work of the competition in the first game with some stellar defence by Nghia, Jesus and Frank and some offensive trickery by Pine, Dat and Said. The second game proved more challenging, but the boys proudly came away with a solid second place.  Here they are in action.


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The Easter long weekend fast approaches and then summer is just around the corner, but there is so much to look forward to between now and then!  Check in next week for some highlights from the grade 11 Leadership retreat and a busy week of school activities.

A Couple Bolton Boys in Africa

Some SMUS Senior School students traveled to Tanzania over Spring Break to engage in some service work through the Me To We program. Bolton Boys, Toby and Joel, were the lone boys on the trip and by all reports represented Bolton and SMUS exceptionally well. I had a chance to chat with them about some of their experiences.

What was a highlight of the trip?

Joel – The safari was amazing! Seeing zebras, elephants, monkeys, wildebeest, giraffes not trapped in cages at a zoo, but in their natural habitat was a wonderful experience.

Toby – The culture is very special. The hospitality of the people is amazing. They are so enthusiastic and open. I also loved that they called me Jumbo! The kids were also so much fun and I really had fun playing with them. They are all so happy and made me feel so grateful for what I have because they have so little.

What service aspects were meaningful for you?

Joel – experiencing a long stay in a rural community was humbling. It makes me appreciate what I have and not take anything for granted. A long stay also gives you a different perspective of the community. Everyone is so kind and welcoming and always extremely helpful. It is important to me to try to connect with my African roots and it is always an eye-opening experience when I visit.

Toby – I constantly reflect on the walk for water. We went with some mommas and carried a 20 L jug for a mile and to think they do that several times a day then walk over three miles to the market to get their food. We are so lucky to have such easy access to water and food. The experience also made me not want to consume as much as I do. I really want to try reduce the amount of waste I produce and lessen the impact I have on the environment.

I also learned how there is not just one story of Africa. I had certain expectations of what I would see over there but it is a huge place with so many people and many different stories.

DSC_0066 (1)DSC_0104DSC_0295DSC_0411DSC_0466DSC_0467DSC_0509 (1)DSC_0643DSC_0646