World Cup Fever Sets In

There is nothing quite like a science lab to bolster learning. And with ex-Bolton HP Mr. Shaw leading the way, it is sure to be a good time!

Josh and Nokia received their Arts Colours pins for commendable work and contribution in the Arts.

The Senior Boys Soccer Team was away at the Provincial Championships this week. After losing in a close and hard fought battle with the eventual winners during pool play, SMUS went on to win their next three matches to finish 9th in the province. Big congrats to Seb, Harun, and Coach Fryer!

Room clean inspections are a weekly occurrence and are not necessarily a highlight of the week. However, now and again and in an effort to liven things up, Timmis students venture into Bolton and lead the the nightly room inspections. It is always interesting to see the heighten levels of cleanliness that occur when Bolton knows Timmis will be awarding a “Timmis Trophy” to the cleanest room each night. Every trick possible is employed to sway the Timmis Inspectors – air fresheners, special lighting, music, and candles. Bribes of candy and chocolate are not beyond reach, and we have even seen computers playing the fireplace channel to help add to the ambiance! You will see a couple pairs of winners below.

This week, Jeremy dazzled his audience, that included the Head of School, Mark Turner, during a piano recital hosted on campus.

There is quite a buzz about the soccer world cup and with the many nations represented in boarding, it has been fun to see everyone cheer on their respective teams.

Big wins after the long weekend break!🏀

Today was a big day for the Bolton Penguins! Reunited after our mid-term break, Bolton did not disappoint at our house games today. Both our Senior and Junior basketball teams rallied together and blew away the other houses with their impressive basketball skills and team spirit this afternoon. Way to go Penguins!

Those who weren’t on the court did a great job representing us in the Minute to Win It and Family Feud challenges. Nice work everyone!

This week, the Penguins were excited to show off their new house shirts! Here are some of our Penguins showing their house spirit and pride!

Declan, Theo and Cohen had a great time at the Commonwealth Pool, while others spent their Saturday at the Victoria Royals hockey game.

Overall, it was a great week and we were happy to see our Penguins back together after a well-deserved long weekend break. Congratulations to Connor, who received the Bolton Pin at our house meeting tonight! His dedication to being a supportive and helpful member of our house is greatly appreciated. Way to go, Connor!

We all wish good luck to Mr. Fryer and the Senior Boys Soccer Team who are off at Provincials this week!

🎃 Trick Or Treat! 🎃

This past week at the school, we were treated to some awesome costumes, exciting contests, and plenty of laughter and smiles as we came together to celebrate Halloween! This holiday is always an exciting time at the Senior School, and the Bolton Penguins definitely stepped up to the plate and donned their finest getups. Surprisingly, however, there were no penguin costumes to be found… We did have a chicken and a dinosaur, though.

On Halloween night, everyone in the house helped to transform the first and second floors into a haunted house trick-or-treating experience. Both the traffic and the screams were at an all-time high as we welcomed trick-or-treaters from every single house in boarding.

Our Bolton Penguins, including Seb and Oscar, were not slacking on the academic front, as evidenced by the careful measurements and painstaking calculations on display in Physics 12.

In that same class, Oscar and his classmates were treated to some amazing field hockey action by the SMUS Senior team, who were recently crowned provincial champions for the first time since 1996..!

Ai, Teigan and his classmates were working hard on their drawings with Mr. Ingmundson…

… while Josh and Connor, under the guidance of Mr. Farish, displayed their musical talents in band class.

Marcus and the Junior Soccer team wrapped up their season with an exciting Islands tournament at UVic.

Connor, Declan, Peter and several of their friends watched the movie Up in the common room on the weekend.

Lastly, the Bolton Penguins came together on Sunday evening to host a brilliant Boarder’s Chapel for the other houses and their houseparents! Peter, Ai, Seb and Lucas were recognized for their willingness to go above and beyond to make the whole night a huge success.

We now look ahead to a slightly short week that culminates with the annual Remembrance Day Service. Until the next post, stay safe, and be on the lookout for a special Bolton Chapel video in the next issue!

(In case you missed it: link to Nokia’s art piece being showcased in our school’s SMART Magazine – )

Gearing Up for Halloween!

Hello everyone! This week was met with the change into term two and a change in weather into a whole lot of rain. The Penguins stayed busy this week with their new classes, sports, advisee activities and of course, getting ready for Monday’s Halloween festivities.

On Saturday night, we got a taste of what is come for Halloween costumes. Also, the Grade 12’s hosted a haunted house in Brown Hall. It was a big success, but there weren’t many photos as we were too scared to enter!

On Monday during assembly, our resident physics expert Ernest had the opportunity to present what the Physics club has been up to so far this year.

We like to gather our advisee groups through the beginning of each year to spend some time together. This week, Mr. Kim and Mr. Danskin each gathered their groups to make a few sheets of nachos.

This week there were handful of at home volleyball games played by our senior team. The Penguins were represented by Leupold on the court and there were plenty cheering in the stands.

Following the Halloween theme, Rev. Fletcher told some scary stories during chapel this week. This was followed by a lighthearted rendition of “Country Roads” (Rev Fletcher’s scary chapel)

Out on the soccer field Seb and Harun have been representing Bolton House. They have had many games over the last few weeks including a win this Sunday morning!

Homeroom classes can get up to a variety of activities throughout the week. In Mr. Kim’s homeroom there was a trick shot challenge going on. Here we see Hanson and Marcus attempting to bounce their way to success.

The always creative Nokia designed this pair of jeans recently. You can see that he used multiple pairs of jeans to piece these together. Take a closer look to identify all the different parts!

Saturday’s are always filled with activities for the juniors. This Saturday Mr. Kim took a group from a mix of houses to an escape room. The group was successful in escaping with only 4 minutes 56 seconds remaining!

We are now fully into term 2 and will celebrate Halloween tomorrow! Look forward to next week, we should have many pictures of the boarders clever costumes.

Head Shaves, Halloween Prep and a “Hole” Lot of Fun!

Hi everyone! It has been a busy week here at SMUS, with lots of school and boarding events on the go. The weather has also started to turn here in Victoria, with temperatures dropping rapidly and the rain starting to show itself..! Nevertheless, our Bolton Penguins took to the streets all week and made tons of memories throughout.

On Monday, the Senior School teachers prepared some delicious chili for the students! Although it was not meant to be a competition, it is probably fair to say that there was some “friendly” competition brewing amongst the departments 😂

The Penguins were also busy academically this week, with labs and presentations on the agenda for much of the week.

Bolton was busy on the athletics front as well, with the soccer season quickly approaching its climax. The senior boys team head into Islands season, with a few remaining league games that will be crucial in helping them book a spot in the tournament.

The Grade 9 rugby team had an exciting week as well, with the crew hosting a St. Georges side after school in beautiful sunny conditions. Several Penguins suited up to prevail over the Vancouver side by a margin of two tries. Declan scored a highlight reel try by running over half of the field..!

Both the junior and senior volleyball teams competed in their respective leagues this week, with exciting action being offered up on the court several days in a row.

Tommy shows off his shiny new medal!

On Thursday night, everyone in the house walked down to a local institution, McRae’s, for a group dinner. We filled the place and had a great time!

Saturday activities were a big hit this weekend, with our house taking part in exciting adventures like croquet, an aquarium adventure, and even a haunted house mini golf extravaganza!

On Sunday afternoon, our very own Savo and Alex from Barnacle suited up for Westshore Rugby Club against CW Rugby Club. Both of them played well, and both were able to enjoy a very well-deserved hot dog after the game!

We now look ahead to the first week of Term 1, before we ramp up to Halloween next Monday. Stay tuned for updates on all of the fun events happening next week, and until then, adios!

Sun Here, Sun There, Sun Everywhere!

We have been VERY lucky with the weather lately! So lucky, in fact, that the Grade 9s decided to explore other regions of our province on their Out Trips!

Cesar and Inaki enjoying some camping! While others explored Kelowna and the Pacific Ocean!

Christian explored the West coast with the help of a trusty Grade 12 – Harun!

Speaking of Harun! He played an important role in the senior soccer team – Just look!

Soccer was clearly on our mind with the upcoming house games coming up! The penguins set up a fifa tournament in the foyer!

Game play commentated by Savo

House Games!!

And as we do every week, we ended the weekend with a house meeting! We had a few things to celebrate during the meeting – a birthday and the first Bolton pin being awarded!

Happy Birthday Marcus!!!
Joshua was award the first Bolton Pin in two years!

A Break is Nearly Upon Us!

Bolton penguins have been busy academically, as well as in the outdoors with the Grades 9-11’s exploring the beautiful corners of British Columbia.

While the students do have a positive momentum with all of their wonderful endeavours, everyone is looking forward to a long weekend break for Thanksgiving. This will give students a chance to leave campus, to pause, and to reflect on all of their accomplishments so far this year.

Here are some photos of our Bolton crew from the most recent Grade 10 out trips. As a teacher, I have to say I am jealous of getting out of the classroom and into the outdoors!

Both the Jr. and Sr. Soccer teams continue their efforts on the school pitch with support from the Bolton Penguins.

Each year, September 30 marks the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation.

The day honours the children who never returned home and Survivors of residential schools, as well as their families and communities. Public commemoration of the tragic and painful history and ongoing impacts of residential schools is a vital component of the reconciliation process.

SMUS boarding students participated in the South Island Powwow hosted by the Songhees nation. It was a beautiful ceremony, and it was an honour to be a guest for the day. For more information about the event, visit

Here are a few other shots from various Saturday activities around Victoria.

And finally, we have a lot to be thankful for – both in the beautiful city where we live and on our campus made up of so many unique cultures and identities. As house parents this Thanksgiving, we are grateful for all of the Bolton penguins who contribute to our culture within Bolton house and who are working to grow personally and socially in this world. Here are a few photos of our semi-formal Thanksgiving feast as a Boarding Community.

This will be our last post for two weeks, but stay tuned for more Bolton action on October 16th.

Happy Thanksgiving from Bolton House!

The Sun is Still Shining!

Well it might officially be fall but we are still feeling the summer sunshine! There have been many events happening both at school and in the boarding community, with many groups even leaving town and the island to embark on exciting out-trips.

Soccer continues to be in full swing with several Bolton Penguins donning the fields and supporting from the sidelines.

Close one..! The game finished 0-0 even after several chances for both sides.

With restrictions eased, the kitchen is getting more use this year as well. Ian C has already shown his culinary prowess while cooking up some delicious dishes!

Salsa anyone?? Ian’s signature marinated steak and chicken on full display.

Hard work wasn’t just reserved for the fields and the kitchen. Several Bolton Penguins were seen studying hard as well!

Jeremy, Oscar and Mujtaba with their thinking caps on.
Ryan and Seb getting mathematical!

Several students play soccer in the community and Marcus plays for Bays United. He came back with all smiles after his game Saturday which he won and scored a goal!