On The Hunt For Provincial Glory!

This week at SMUS is a sports-heavy one, with several teams off to various locations to compete in provincial championships. Bolton was well-represented at several of these tournaments, including rugby!

Seb and Nokia fuel up for an upcoming game.
Both Adams (Liu and King) need to work on making eye contact with the camera..!!
Leo, Jason, and honorary Bolton Brothers Richard and Robbie enjoying their premium-quality Tim Hortons wraps!
A bit of light pool recovery work to round off the day from Savo, Jason and friends.

Elsewhere on campus, students from an Entrepreneurship class got their business minds in action (and blenders too!) to set up a juice stand in front of the lecture theatre.

Digvijay, Noah and Jero showing off their product!

On Saturday afternoon, several Bolton juniors had the opportunity to visit an age-old Victoria tradition, the Oak Bay Tea Party! Lots of fair games were played, tons of junk food was eaten, and rumours have it that Kenneth did a fair bit of screaming on the rides..!

Lucas, Kenneth and Rentaro catching a break between rides!
Thanks for the close-up guys!

Introducing our new head of Bolton house for the 2022 – 2023 year, Joshua Kim!

Back in May the grade 11 students who were interested in running for leadership in Bolton house had the opportunity to give speeches to sway the votes of the house. Josh Kim was the winning candidate! Here is a quick interview with Josh:

Why did you want to be the Bolton Head of House?

I joined SMUS in gr 9 and was quite nervous. There were so many upper classmate Bolton brothers that helped me when I was younger. I wanted to repay them, by giving back to my new brothers and being supportive.

What makes you House of House material?

I have a strong work ethic and good time management. I believe I will get things started easily.

What are you most looking forward to about being the head of Bolton House?

Organizing annual downtown trips at the beginning of the year and getting to know my new Bolton brothers.

What is one unique fact about yourself that the other Bolton people might not know?

Everyone know I love music, but my favourite music genre is RnB like Frank Ocean and Weeknd.

Thank you, Josh and congratulations on your new role!

The week concluded with the beginning of packing up rooms and getting ready to leave for the summer. There is much to do over these final weeks of the year, a lot of excitement and goodbyes!

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